Beauty in Chaos curator Michael Ciravolo gives an exclusive interview about their new album titled ‘The Storm Before The Calm’, as well as exclusive interviews with The Mystery Plan and The Orange Kyte. Also featured are video premieres from Dar.Ra, BOAT, Jamo Gang featuring DJ Premier and Slug from Atmosphere, and Wolfhounds. Song premieres by The Attic Movement and Secret Bad Boy.

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About Beauty in Chaos

Beauty in Chaos curator Michael Ciravolo dropped his new album titled ‘The Storm Before the Calm‘ on May 22nd. We have an extensive, entertaining, and exclusive interview on this new album as well as previews of the tracks. If you are not yet a fan, you will see the personality in every track and the scope that the album as a whole delivers sonically. And, if you are already a fan, you will see the beautiful evolution that Beauty in Chaos gives in this latest outing. Either way, the songs command a listen.

And, in this interview, we talk with Michael about this evolution in style, creativity, and emotion as Michael and all involved write another chapter in the book of the beautiful and chaotic in ways one could never have guessed.

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Pre-order ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ as well as Beaty in Chaos’ previous albums HERE.


About Dar.Ra

Dar.Ra has dropped his new single and video titled ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’. Released as a response to these pandemic times, this couldn’t have been a better time for such a reminder as to recognize not only the people that throw themselves in harm’s way but live with those dangers every day that they do this. And Dar encapsulates that sentiment with reverence and respect in a moving video and brilliant song done in a way that one hopes those heroes hear this and feel loved.

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About Secret Bad Boy

Secret Bad Boy has dropped his new single titled ‘It Was Always Too Late’. With a unique blend of house, soul, dance, and originality, Secret Bad Boy (a.k.a. Ben Joseph) gives a diverse and creative flair to many genres while enhancing his street cred to levels rarely traveled.


About BOAT

BOAT drops their new video for the track titled ‘Loneliness Kills’. Besides being the perfect track for the hiatus breaching band’s comeback, the song is just plain simply catchy as hell. Not having missed a step in the evolution of the music, BOAT keeps a timely pattern and relevance with a wonderfully quirky video filled with personality and that smile making certain something that makes us bright on the inside. Especially in times like these.


About The Mystery Plan

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Jason Herring of The Mystery Plan. They say that originality comes in many forms and has many influences. That is no more evident than in The Mystery Plan’s new album titled Zsa Zsa (review HERE). And today we get to talk with Jason about that new and varied album as well as the beginnings of The Mystery Plan and how that magnificent sound came to be. We also get a glimpse of the gear behind the sound and how The Mystery Plan is making plans in this current global situation and where those plans will take them. This is a wonderful conversation disguised as an interview. Enjoy!

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About The Orange Kyte

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Stephen White of The Orange Kyte. Having released their latest album titled ‘Carousel‘ last October, Stephen has taken this time of quarantine and utilized it to both the advantage of the band as well as the fans. That can be explained in the interview, as we get in-depth here.

And, in this interview, we learn about the beginnings of The Orange Kyte as well as the evolution of ‘Carousel’ and where things are headed.


About Jamo Gang feat. DJ Premier & Slug (Atmosphere)

Jamo Gang drops their new video featuring DJ premier and Slug from Atmosphere titled ‘The 1st Time’. Catchiness within the simplicity with the percussive attributes being solidified in the rhyme, Jamo Gang delivers the boast with the most with a lyrical soliloquy that tells the tale with in-your-face verses and in your mind rhyme.


About The Attic Movement

The Attic Movement has released their new single titled ‘Truth Be Told’. A beautiful slow breath with an eloquent flair and a somber, orchestral sound, The Attic Movement gives a moving and haunting performance that grabs the attention and holds the heart beautifully.


About Wolfhounds

Wolfhounds drop their new video for the track titled ‘Can’t See The Light’. Trippy and psychedelic in all the right places, ‘Can’t See The Light’ gives the guitars a chance to fight each other over a steady/strong bassline and thumpy percussion, while the vocals act as the ringleader in this psycho-circus of music. Let the video act as a Rorschach test for your musical preferences.

As of May 15, ‘Can’t See The Light’ is available everywhere, including Apple MusicSpotifyand Bandcamp.

The full ‘Electric Music’ album will be released on July 3 on vinyl, CD, and digitally.


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