This week we feature an exclusive interview with Bishop Tha DJ about his new album ‘#trueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’ and more. Also, premieres, exclusives, and new music and videos from Faultress, Heartour, Touchy, BrokenRail, Joker’s Hand, La Fleur Fatale, Richard Wølf, and Jim McHugh.

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About Bishop Tha DJ

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with underground legend DJ Bishop Tha DJ. Having just released his new album ‘#trueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’, I get a chance to have a really good conversation about a diverse and informative, yes informative, album with one of the kings of collaboration. To say king of collaboration is an understatement. To say the least. Just check out the talent on this album. You have Bishop swapping swing with his mega-talent brother, Sun Zulu. You have Ashley S., Defcee, Eze Jackson…. I could go on. As we say in this interview, #trueOGseries is hopefully a roadmap as to where hip hop is going. Forward to its roots with a new perspective. Moving forward.


About Faultress

Faultress has premiered her new single titled ‘Sleep Child’ on Jammerzine. Faultress is an artist that, in my opinion, was most likely originated from that first note she gave to the world. And, with ‘Sleep Child’, that is only asserted even more. ‘Sleep Child’ has a dark and brooding sound. An emotional statement wrapped in a cinematic declaration in an almost operatic way, emotionally. Think Kate Bush meets subtle early Nine Inch Nails. To be honest, I actually thought the song was shorter than it was because of the way the music and Faultress’ beautiful vocals carry you. But no. The song is almost four minutes. When you lose track of time, it’s because you got lost in the moment. This was a moment.


About Heartour

Heartour has premiered his new single titled ‘When The Lights Go Down’, from his upcoming album ‘Divert The Asteroid’, out June 25th. ‘When The Lights Go Down’ is a truly musical surprise. One of those tracks you can’t predict. What I mean is there are sections you wouldn’t dream of being there but, there they are. And they fit. This is brilliance from the mind of a real musician. The verses flow into massive hooks and convey a layered and diverse audio landscape that is as divulging as it is diverse. This song ended way too soon.


About Touchy

Touchy has released their new single and video titled ‘Secret Melody’. Feeling that retro dance, even partial disco vibe, feels all so much better being born and raised in that late 70s, early 80s era where video first murdered the radio star and everyone was into west end girls. With that flagrant regard for lush and vivid musical progression and wonderful droning quality of the genre, Touchy gets feely with the beat and gives the new decade a push in the right direction.


About BrokenRail

BrokenRail has officially released their new video titled ‘California’. Hook heavy hitters that they are, it’s little wonder that BrokenRail has dominated the hard rock and metal scenes with their guitar-heavy grooves meant for the arena. Guitar virtuosity set forth a barrage of sounds that define that sound meant to be an anthem for the new decade. COVID is ending, warm up the stage-lights.


About Joker’s Hand

Joker’s Hand has just released their new video for the track called ‘War Profiteer’. That hook-filled magic that is the duo of Kevin Kawano and Matthew Lau releases a pop-polished lyrically dynamic feel-good hit for the summer.

The band is confirmed to perform at Beachlife Festival in Southern California this fall alongside such artists as Jane’s Addiction, Cage The Elephant, Counting Crows, and many more.


About La Fleur Fatale

La Fleur Fatale has released their new video for the track titled ‘Skydancer’. Psychadelic in scope and beautiful in grandeur, La Fleur Fatale takes that underground psych and social status as one of the kings of the underground and solidifies that as the next level of their career. Who knew that cool underground could be so catchy?


About Richard Wølf

Richard Wølf has premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Seeking’, from his new album ‘Hybrid’. To say that ‘Seeking’ is cinematic would be misleading. Even a misnomer. Richard is an artist with a vision. A vision in music with a reach into the visual. A multi-talent in the truest sense of the word. You could easily separate the sound and the sight and have two completely different works of art. But, together, you have magic. That magic we get when we leave a theater after watching a brilliant film. That ‘aha’ moment when we discover a new favorite artist. That layer upon layer of sounds and orchestrations that come from that unique blend of music, mind, and madness.


About Jim McHugh

Jim McHugh has premiered his new album titled ‘Pretending To Wake Up’. Jim has that ‘wear his heart on his sleeve’ approach to his music. His lyrics are earnest and honest. His music, sometimes contradictory, ranges from gritty to heartfelt to very open stylistically. And that, I think, is the magic to his music. As varied as it is with each track, there is that overall style that is Jim’s signature. The hooks are many and diverse, but each has that special personality that is both comforting and commanding.

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