1. Roller Beautiful Animal 2:58

…what is it? Can you cuddle it? Is it dangerous? Is it provocative or provoced? Will it lick or bite and does it hurt? Does it carry any contagious disease?

YES! It does – and much more!

Once discovered upon its natural territory, a mere spectator could start showing strong symptoms of joy or happiness. Some jump up, hit the dance floor, swaying in most ruttish fashion like a moose during the full moon. The others might lean back and enjoy the sonic sphere highlighted by the distinctive, alluring melody. Typically, the contact leaves the victim aroused and satisfied, blurry or fuzzy but eventually brushy and latest field reports adds the affair being mutual between the predator and the prey, very likely to last longer than a night or two.

This mixed breed of pop, soul and rock & roll, the BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL is tiptoeing your way from Helsinki, Finland. Keep calm and your eyes peeled!

The double ‘A-Sided’ single Roller/Graveyard is released June 4th 2021

Beautiful Animal is

VAPPU – lead vocals. The storytelling songbird.

JUHIS – guitars, backing vocals. Melody maker, roots in rock bands Underground Attack and Freewheeler.

TEEMU – bass and backing vocals. Sound system, Timmy of all tricks; also known from Underground Attack and Freewheeler.

VILLE – drums and backing vocals. The DJ and club organizer of the group. His trademark drumming is heard on various records of groups such as Doghouse Band, Joss Cope, Prudence and Underground Attack.

SOURCE: Official Bio