Exclusive interviews with Boy Breaking Glass and Chase Potter. Exclusive premieres and new music, videos, and albums from ROE, The Quilts, Ceiling Demons, Dolly Ave and Charlie Curtis-Beard, José Junior, Occurrence, Robert Taira Wilson, Amusement Parks on Fire, and Evidence.

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About Boy Breaking Glass

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Boy Breaking Glass bassist Joe Mantell. Their new album, ‘Desolations’, premiered on Jammerzine on June 24th and was released on the 25th. The album is a darkly decadent set of songs that really capture the overall sound of Boy Breaking Glass will making a solid set of tracks that have that flow to it that lets you know this is an album that you can listen to all they way through. However, each song has its own unique personality.

High points are throughout with a lot going on in the background. Listen to the guitars, you will hear layers of sonic goodness flow throughout, with an almost goth level vocal set that gives ‘Desolations’ the bulk of its personality.

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About Chase Potter

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Brooklyn, NYC artist Chase Potter. Fresh from the release of his new album titled ‘Hitchhike To Oblivion’ (playlist & videos below), Chase is poised to promote his new album in a time where the clubs and venues are filling back up and people are shaking off that feeling of hibernation.

‘Hitchhike To Oblivion’ is an album with a unique signature sound. One the surface it reminds me of those golden days of AM radio circa 1977 with those golden pop hooks and intricate songwriting. Where Chase excels is taking that sound and making it his own in such a way that you know its him from that initial listen.

In this interview, we hear about the creation of the album and how he got that vintage sound from the comfort and isolation of his home. We also get a glimpse of what’s coming next for Chase in these waning days of the pandemic.


About ROE

ROE has premiered her new single titled ‘Cruel’. Delicately raucous from the start and a reinvention of the self into, what I think, is her true self.

Hitting close to the mark with content describing what we’ve all been through, ‘Cruel’ is a thank you for self-realization and a fuck you to that gaslighting narcissist we all know and are thinking about when we heard ‘Cruel’. And, if you haven’t gone through what I’m talking about, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a really catchy fucking song.


About The Quilts

The Quilts has released their new single and video titled ‘Time’. It’s 8 AM as this goes live. Fourteen years ago the journey that became the song ‘Time’ began. The song shows the beautiful patina that nourished this track musically, lyrically, spiritually. And it shows. It shows in all of its pits, holes, and chips. Because that’s what makes us beautiful. That patina that inherently binds to us and shows our flaws and strengths.

Having to go through a similar issue with my father at the time of this writing as guitarist Steven Altonen did with his (in my case, Parkinson’s and Dementia), I feel a bond to this song that one gets when relating to a fellow musician and artist because those are the people who turn our pain and lives into expression for all. They interpret and share with art. As much as a canvas is for art, silence is for music. ‘Time’ fills the space with feeling and love.


About Ceiling Demons

Ceiling Demons have released their new video for the track titled ‘From The Womb To The Grave’. Dark with a flare and urban with a dare, Ceiling Demons break the ceiling of the establishment and lash out at the mainstream with a rebellious anthem of unity against conformity and a realization of the self. Much needed.


About Dolly Ave and Charlie Curtis-Beard

Dolly Ave has released her new video for the track titled ‘Play With It’ featuring Charlie Curtis-Beard. Suave to a fault and trendy to an advantage, ‘Play With It’. Dolly and Charlie have that special chemistry that will make you want to watch for that aspect alone, but the song itself also has that driving hook that gives a stellar soundtrack to the video. This is what happens when talented multimedia artists do a collab, and TikTok is quickly becoming the premiere gladiator school for creating unique and much needed talent. Dolly and Charlie are the first generation. And it shows. Brilliant.


About José Junior

José Junior has premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Forever’. Think R.E.M. with a fresh creative streak and you have a proper hint as to what José Junior is made of in this video and track. That 80’s music swing with chimey bell-toned guitars and vocals with a subtle angst. What you also have is just a damn good song with a classic MTV styled video to take us back while looking ahead. This is what music is supposed to be.


About Occurrence

Occurrence has released their new video for the track titled ‘I Have So Much Love To Give’. An updated and twisted rendition of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, the video gives an artistic and interpretive visual of the song while the song itself keeps the flow in check with a modern gritty electronic flow filtered throw retro organs and angelic head voice that fills the speaker in an unassuming yet commanding way.


About Robert Taira Wilson

Robert Taira Wilson has officially premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Blackbird’ on Jammerzine. If you read our review of the original track from June, you will get a perspective of our take from the music. The video offers a visual construct of what we said. Introverted. Introspective. Reflective. All of that and more with brilliant sketch style animations with geometric shapes representing bondage and cages that fade through the looking glass showing a better world and an alternative that could be. This is magic.

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About Amusement Parks on Fire

Amusement Parks on Fire have released their long awaited album titled ‘An Archaea’ on jammerzine.com. APOK is one of those bands that long ago found their sound, but now we have a more evolved APOK. A more experimental APOK. We get an album a long time in the making and, more importantly, we get an album from a band that knows what an album means. A set of songs meant to inspire and take you on a journey. Or with you on a journey. The hooks are unexpected and prominent. The guitars make you want to play guitar. The surreal, at times, and vivid at others, doesn’t detract the overall sound. It enhances it. This is a concept as much as it is an album. To listen to the album go to jammerzine.com and search Amusement Parks on Fire.


About Evidence

Evidence has released his new album ‘Unlearning Vol 1’ on jammerzine.com. I could say something easy like ‘this record is groundbreaking’, but, that would be a bit dismissive and cliché. I will say this, however; this record is ground-defining. Some genres are hard to sound fresh in. Personally, I find this the case with rock and hip hop. A lot of green pastures for ground these days. ‘Unlearning Vol 1’ is scorched earth with a lot of heart. That’s what I respect about Evidence. His music comes from the heart as well as the mind. The music is more than just a backdrop. Its an interaction with his lyrics. Bashing and cascading and intertwining with each word and beat with stellar syncopation. Each word is a voice. Each beat is an outlet. Unlearning is a book that no one needs to read but everyone will remember. To listen to the album go to jammerzine.com and search Evidence.


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