JB Elwood has today released his new single titled ‘Lost In My Ways’. Starting off with a solid mix of past and present, the songwriting is the focus as it wraps around JB’s vocals and maintains that interesting feel that keeps JB in that rare divide between accessibility and originality.

‘Lost In My Ways’ tells a story in such a way as to make it relatable to anyone who listens. What you take away is that message and story within a monster hook and memorable production.

JB is an artist with a sound that is also a service to us all.

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About ‘Lost In My Ways’

JB Elwood’s newest single, “Lost In My Ways,” digs deep into the topics of empathy and second chances. With powerful vocals and a unique instrumental accompaniment, this song truly makes you reflect. His lyrics tell a story, “I know I tried to tame all the chaos inside, I am reckless and alive, But it’s so hard to change, Cause I’m so lost in my ways.” The track follows the thoughts of an alcoholic battling with their addiction and attempting to find a glimmer of hope in the darkness they’re surrounded by. “‘Lost In My Ways’ is a song about redemption,” Elwood explains. “Everyone deserves a second, third, maybe even fourth chance. You never truly understand someone’s situation until you step in their shoes. A person going through hard times may have the desire to change, but they may not know how. That is why they might push people away and continue putting themselves in bad situations, ultimately leading to a life crisis where they come face to face with their inner demons.”

Although the song is centered around the topic of alcoholism, the underlying themes about remembering to be kind and gentle with others can be applied to almost any situation you may experience. “Lost In My Ways” showcases Elwood’s ability to be vulnerable, thus allowing his audience to open up and also be vulnerable. The track was written by JB Elwood, and produced by Andrew Middleton.

Originally hailing from the Midwest, with Appalachian familial roots, JB Elwood pulls influence from a myriad of cities and Americana culture. Eventually, Elwood settled in Austin, Texas, a city that complements his musical tastes and drives him to continue to create. The singer pays tribute to his grandfathers: an entrepreneur and a self-taught musician, taking his name from his grandpa, John Elwood Ball. Elwood treasures the gift of an heirloom from his other grandpa, a 1960s Gibson Dove guitar. His music encapsulates his love for his family as well as his experiences throughout his life and allows his listeners to apply the lyrics to their lives. His artistry has been praised by notable press outlets such as V13, Songwriting Magazine, and Music Connection.

About JB Elwood

Inspired by the iconic riffs of Slash from Guns N’ Roses, JB Elwood embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of ten. The reverberating chords of “Welcome to the Jungle” became the catalyst for a deep-rooted passion that drew from the rich musical tapestry of his West Virginian lineage. Descended from a legacy of musicians who strummed the fiddle, banjo, and guitar and serenaded the local radio with gospel, JB Elwood’s heritage is steeped in Appalachian rhythms.

While his birthplace lies in the Midwest’s heart, Elwood’s story is a mosaic of cities, painted by his father’s profession as a structural engineer. Despite these urban landscapes, his heart remains tethered to the melodies of the country. Today, Austin, Texas, resonates as his chosen home—a city that complements his creative spirit and fuels his ambitious dreams.

Affectionately dubbed “JB Elwood,” his stage name is a tribute to his late grandfather, John Elwood Ball—a visionary entrepreneur in southern West Virginia’s coalfields. His grandpa on the other side of his family, Eugene “Poppy” Jackson, a self-taught musician, gifted his treasured 1960s Gibson Dove guitar, an heirloom, that now underpins Elwood’s songwriting. This fusion of his past with his present encapsulates an identity defined by family, memory, and experience.

Elwood’s music is an odyssey of narratives, reminiscent of both the urban cityscapes and the tranquil countryside. His songs bridge divides, weaving tales of love, heartbreak, perseverance, change, trials, and exhilarating journeys. Through JB Elwood’s soulful chords, listeners are invited to find their own stories, making his melodies a universal soundtrack to life.