Fake Dad has today released their new single titled ‘Crybaby’. The song perfectly captures that feeling of fame being fleeting and that moment when it reaches it’s sixteenth minute and the withdrawal that inevitably comes after.

In a world where narcissism is increasingly becoming the norm, ‘Crybaby’ can serve as a warning as much as a sing.

While the message has meaning, the music plays like an anthem for the every-person. A solid blend of pop rock and indie underground, there is nothing fake about Fake Dad as they climb that slippery rope of crecibility.

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About Fake Dad

Andrea de Varona (she/her) and Josh Ford (he/him) aka Fake Dad are a Los Angeles based bedroom synth pop meets indie rock duo. Formed in 2020, the two met at a college party in the East Village and have been inseparable ever since. Melting their own unique artistic visions to build a shared sonic shorthand, Fake Dad creates an intoxicating and colorful musical fusion complete with quirky synths, catchy pop-laden hooks and sun-soaked layered guitars. With a signature production sound and distinct vocal warmth, the two write and record expansive musical moments from their apartment. Although Andrea and Josh come from different musical backgrounds, they share a common goal: to create music that understands you.

The duo’s EP, Yerba Mala, took a deep dive into interpersonal relationship dynamics in an ever-changing world. In particular, the project explores frontperson Andrea de Varona’s nuanced relationship with a first-gen Latinx identity. The five-track EP is a genre-bending adventure of sound with elements of rock, pop, synth and electronic all colliding for an unforgettable listen. The EP received acclaim from the likes of Live Nation’s Ones to Watch, LADYGUNN, The FADER, as well as being added to over 57 stations and charted #17 on the NACC Top Adds.

Their upcoming single “Crybaby” details a relatable and important narrative. The band confides, “The song is about someone who’s obsessed with being famous, but no one takes them seriously. It’s about the toxic cycle of success/attention for a whole generation who see ourselves as temporarily disgraced superstars.” While working on their debut LP, Fake Dad has returned to their indie rock roots, with influences like The Stones and PJ Harvey.

Fake Dad aims to create music that is an invaluable source of comfort for their listeners. The duo are open with their own struggles of battling anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia, hoping their transparency will help others know they are not alone. With a unique musical perspective, and an unparalleled communal bond with their listeners, Fake Dad have already garnered much deserved attention, landing over a dozen official Spotify playlists and selling out shows in their hometown.