Country singer-songwriter Kelly Prescott has released her brand new single ‘Battle Road’ to stream on Soundcloud, along with an accompanying music video. In her own words: “Battle Road is a very honest glimpse into most normal relationships. I think a lot of people can relate to this one. Love isn’t always easy.” ‘Battle Road’ is the first single to be released from her forthcoming EP Hillbilly Jewels, out this summer.

Kelly Prescott hails from two musically renowned family lines, spanning three generations from Northern Ontario, Nova Scotia and the Ottawa Valley. She has naturally inherited the foundation to follow her musical heart, drawing inspiration from her great Canadian roots. Imbued with experiences gleaned from growing up in an award-winning studio, she has hit the ground running in pursuit of her own musical expression.

When Kelly sings about love you feel every up and down. She sings pain like she never knew anything but hurt; she belts out blues like she was born in the Mississippi Valley, instead of the banks of Mississippi Lake up north in Ontario.

Kelly Prescott is a from-the-cradle country singer, influenced by the likes of Emmylou Harris, Roger Miller and Ryan Adams. When her voice is blended with steel guitars and fiddles, country music lovers from way-back-when will hear a kindred soul. When she spins the dial forward a few decades, it’s clear she’s part of a new generation of artists who are making new sounds and big waves.

Born into a family of musical enthusiasts and entertainers, Kelly’s grandpa started a family band that entertained TV audiences for 17 years; there were few doubts about the direction her life might take. Her path began with a country-folk record with her brother Kaylen Prescott, the rollicking Lakeside Sessions (2009). Songs like ‘Take That’ and ‘Carrying Coal’ quickly established Kelly as one of the finest young interpreters of country music and a powerful vocalist.

This was followed by a critically acclaimed tour playing the role of Emmylou Harris in the theatrical production, Grievous Angel: The Legend of Gram Parsons. Kelly then recorded a well-received solo roots/blues album I Leave You Dreaming (2011). With a love for harmonies, her roots led her to form The Claytones, who produced two records, Lake in the Night (2012), and Reserva (2013), catching the attention of Bob Harris for his BBC Radio 2 show.

With this new EP, Hillbilly Jewels, Kelly takes the next step in her craft, with songs that speak to a new generation of lovers of country music; plenty of energy, deep passion, powerful vocals, and honest storytelling about real life today.