1. Accident The Retinas 1:00
  2. Aries The Retinas 1:00
  3. Cheesepuffs The Retinas 1:00
  4. Beat It Out The Retinas 1:00
  5. Hey Julia The Retinas 1:00

“Chaba”, the new EP from the Philadelphia based band The Retinas, really surprised me. And I mean REALLY surprised me. I have to confess, I have become a little leery of albums with obscure names but “Chaba” is obscure in name only. This is actually a well crafted, well written, and well executed EP. I kind of wish it was an LP actually. The Retinas really tease the ears with their music and leave you wanting more at the end.

With thumping, anthemic tracks throughout, The Retinas show every sign of longevity with the desire and ambition that pours out of my speakers and give me hope for the next generation of independent artists. You need your retinas to see the light and I have no doubt The Retinas will make you see your light as well. This is a future classic in every respect. Well done!

“Chaba” is out now via Custom Made Music on cassette.

The Retinas are:

  • Anthony Fulginitti- Drums
  • Tom McHugh – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar