A native of Georgia, award-winning singer-songwriter CJ Smyth writes with a signature poetic lyrical style. She learned to walk to the Beatles and was saturated with the country sounds of rural radio. Later she found inspiration in the songs of Dan Fogelberg, the Eagles, the Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, and Catie Curtis. Like a hint of vanilla in your latte, these influences provide a sweet background to her original work. Her debut release “Miracle Alley” with duo CYNOVA was ranked #4 on the Outvoice Top 40 CDs of 2007 and nominated by Pride in the Arts for “Favorite Album of the Year” that same year.

After the early death of a close friend CJ began an internal journey of emotional housecleaning. Her debut solo effort “Common Shaman” is the result of that journey and takes a hard look at the human condition with songs about relationships, our place in the global community and the universe. A solid folk endeavor ranging from the whimsical rocking “Cyber Tech Chick v. 5.03A” and “That’s What I Get”, heart opening ballads “Open Hand” and ”Hold Me Close” and Enyaesque tone poem “Falling Into Grace”.

A veteran of Pride festivals and coffee houses, CJ currently plays small shows in and around her home in Louisville, Colorado.

SOURCE: Official Bio