Kids On Bridges has released their latest single titled ‘You Get What You Give’. Kids on Bridges is one of those bands that has been with Jammerzine from the beginning. So there is literally a chart, of some sorts, of KOB’s growth. Stylistically and mentally. They are a band that grows organically and takes their life lessons and turns it into music.

‘You Get What You Give’ takes a slightly darker, more melodic, and even a bit of a theatrical take on an already revered classic by New Radicals. Nothing like the original, however, this is a new song. Re-engineered. Envisioned within the KOB universe, sounding fresh and alive in a completely new way. Beautiful.

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About Kids On Bridges & ‘You Get What You Give’

The band’s versatility has seen them described as somewhere between Phoenix, Foster the People & Depeche Mode

BBC Radio 6 Music’s Tom Robinson described the band as somewhere between Depeche Mode and Daft Punk.

BBC Radio 2 Scott Mills Put them in His list as One’s to watch and Elton John even recently Shared a tweet liking this new single

Kids on Bridges have been spending time in America where they worked on their new album and drafted in Eagles of Death Metal bass player Jennie Vee to join them on a number of tracks, along with New Orleans poet Chuck Perkins. Having previously worked with The Chemical Brothers producer Steve Dub, the new album promises to be a sonic assault!

Whilst in the studio putting the finishing touches to album number 3 , and opportunity came along to do a track for a forthcoming TV show

Christian from the band ‘ It was never really the plan to recorded this song let alone put it out ,the idea really intrigued me as I loved the original , but at the same time taking it on was quite daunting as it was the perfect pop song , and our brief was to well as the show producers put it (make it sound like its in the upside down!)

I think it will be one of them tracks that on first listen might be a bit difficult ( due to how melodic the original was ) but I think if you can listen to it with an open mind and imagine the stat of a TV show then you might like it , I really wanted to put the focus on the Lyrics to the song , I’d been working on Some tracks with Producer Jon Withnall ( Coldplay & Rihanna) and he suggested we went with a more atmospheric approach ,as my first draft had strings like Elanor Rigby running throughout and a Beastie Boys style groove , but I couldn’t get the mix to work , so opted for Less is More approach!