1. Slight Reflection Kids on Bridges 4:44

Kids on Bridges have today released their new single titled ‘Slight Reflection’. Their first single in a really long time, I have to start this off by saying ‘hell f*cking yeah!!!!’. About time, Chris and gang!

Most people may not realize or care, but Kids on Bridges are one of the first bands on Jammerzine, and to hear them evolve to what is right above these words is simply magical.

What we get with ‘Slight Reflection’ is a complete divergence within that evolution of revolution that is the music of Kids on Bridges. A more electronic musical turn, that signature sound that is KOB is still ever present; a bit more weathered and worn, a bit more mature, a bit more signature. But the hook and the interest kept for the listener is there, above all else. and we get something long awaited for. and needed.

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About Kids on Bridges

Born in a blackout in a Underground club in Paris , Kids On Bridges are From Liverpool UK and have recently supported Beck, Soulwax, Hot 8 Brass Band and Debut was produced by Steve Dub (The Chemical Brothers, Complete). Described as somewhere between Phoenix and Mutemath, with Depeche Mode On the decks . The band recently remixes INXS on ‘Kick 30’ as well as working with Meters Drumming Legend Zigaboo Modeliste and Shea Seger.

SOURCE: Official Bio