PINHDAR has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Humans’ from their upcoming album dropping on March 22nd.

Directed by LA-based director Telavaya Reynolds and shot at various California locations, the stark and artistically desolate feeling the visuals give the music goes hand in hand with the sonic artistry that is PINHDAR. As hard a band PINHDAR is to pin to a specific genre, ‘Humans’ offers a delicately somber hand with a feeling you will experience alone and give time to reflect. Songs crafted in such ways stay with you for a long time. Whether it’s in pieces or the entire song, there is now an imprint in your psyche. A soundtrack to a future memory. You’ve quietly changed. Music can do that. When it’s good.

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Since exploding onto the music scene in 2019 with their self-titled debut Pinhdar have further refined their brand of Psychedelic dark Pop on this latest album. The duo have made a name for themselves on both sides of the Atlantic when in the band Nomoredolls; relentlessly playing New York venues like CBGB’s, Knitting Factory & Arlene’s Grocery and established a loyal US fanbase before moving on to establish Pinhdar.

Under the new name and armed with a new sound it wasn’t long before they’d won over the ears of legendary British critic and Rock Music Biographer Kris Needs.