Starting out with a beautiful piano / guitar duet, Someday’s new track titled “Clean Couch” wastes no time after that kicking in to a lush and layered rhythm with a soaring yet soothing melodic vocal floating over a consistent hook proving, once again, that indie is where the future lay.

The lyrics state that “Maybe one day we’ll return”. Let’s hope Someday never leaves.

Someday - This Doesn't Exist (cover)
Someday – This Doesn’t Exist (cover)

About Someday
Italian trio Someday present their new single ‘Clean Couch’, a superb and melodically polished pop rock track, from their debut album ‘This Doesn’t Exist’. This current single follows up their extremely well received debut single ‘Last Lesson’, the endearing video for which was directed by Nicolo Roccatello.

Now based in Turin (Torino), this trio is comprised of Daniele Bianco, Michele Fierro, and Fabio Digitali. Featuring 10 tracks, their new album is being released on multiple formats through Seahorse Recordings. This collection of songs represents a search for balance and essentialness that may be appreciated by fans of early Tokyo Police Club and Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club, Placebo, Born Ruffians, Hot Hot Heat, and The Stills. The band cite numerous influences, including early Sparklehorse, The Smiths, Joy Division, Placebo, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Paolo Conte and La Crus.

Aptly titled ‘This Doesn’t Exist’, the lyrics from this album speak about what no longer exists, never existed and will never exist. Lead tracks ‘Last Lesson’ and ‘Clean Couch’ are about people or animals that have gone to a better place. ‘Little Choices’ cites that we have no more achievable choices. ‘Shelters and Picture’ note places that are no longer reachable. ‘Jokes’ explores imaginary lives built on a lie, while ‘Maurizio’ tells of lives that have lost something very important. ‘Forgotten’ reveals certainties that are nothing but obvious illusions.

Through this album, the band highlight the trivial occurrences of ordinary lives, with shifting musical trajectories between dark and post-rock (Forgotten, Waitings, Little Choices) to indie pop (Clean Couch, Shelters, Picture), as well as new wave and light psychedelia (Last Lesson, Gliding, Jokes). ‘This Doesn’t Exist’ is full of black and white atmospheres but celebrates the many shades of grey in between.

“This came about naturally, as it often happens when music works well… we play, we look in each other’s eyes and we know immediately that a song just works. It sounds sweet and disturbing… like the feelings we often feel,” explains Michele Fierro. “We are very happy because it is like we always wanted it to. Every song has its particular feeling and it sounds like we imagined. We can’t wait to play it live.”

“As usually happens with bands, the first album is a both a starting point and a goal… I hope it’s only the beginning because we have a lot of other stories to tell, and some of them are ready for the telling,” says Daniele Bianco.

Someday was formed in Collegno, a city close to Torino (Piedmont, Italy) by two childhood friends – Daniele Bianco (guitar/vocals/lyrics) and Michele Fierro (bass). Initially rehearsing in Michele’s living room and Daniel’s cellar, they began making demo tapes, had several singles on Italian music compilations, and eventually released their debut EP “Flowers in the Cellar” and two singles ‘Divano Pulito’ and ‘Rifugi’ in 2016, produced by Luca “Vicio” Vicini of Subsonica. They were then joined by drummer Federico Segato to form a trio, who was subequently replaced by Fabio Digitali.

‘This Doesn’t Exist’ will be available digitally via key digital music platforms as of February 10 and is already available for pre-order on Someday’s Bandcamp. In late February, it will also be available on CD with distribution via Audioglobe.

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Feature image by Stefano Guidi.

“Nice welcome to what may end up being your new favorite Italian band. Someday present a fine blend of Italian classicism, music genre balancing, and an engaging delivery with incredible hooks”
– Big Takeover Magazine

“A conceptual and musical journey. Engrossing and intriguing from beginning to end… a bit of a roller coaster taking in the oppressive post punk of Joy Division, the playfulness of The Smiths, and the noise experiments of Sonic Youth”
– Overblown Magazine

“Italian trio Someday will guide you into an elevated state with smooth, incremental ease. Imagine blustery rain clouds that give way to breezy, bright grey skies. This is what awaits you on their debut album, This Doesn’t Exist”
– The Revue

“A sound that skips nonchalantly through impressive passages of alternative rock peppered at times with melodiously dark guitar progressions, atmospheric post-rock reverberations and interesting vocalizations.”
– Primal Music Blog

“Fast paced with hooks galore and a steady two-speed rhythm that chugs along with carefree reckless abandon”
– Jammerzine

“Music that – despite being gaunt and haunting, melancholic and nocturne – always conveys electrical discharges of shimmering rock and pop melody”
– Impatto Sonoro