Lital Hagayan has today released her new album titled ‘Singularity’. There are some records that feel like an ocean. You put on headphones and you feel like a small drop of water in a pond of falling, cascading sound. Well, that’s exactly what listening to Lital Hagayan’s debut record Singularity feels like – crashing waves of reverb-drenched emotion bound to carry listeners away to distant shores.

A Tel Aviv native, Hagayan grew up on progressive rock. As she developed an interest in shoegaze and ambient music, her writing began to reflect the atmospheric tendencies of artists in the genre. Combining harmonic and rhythmic changes with deep, swirling walls of sound, Hagayan’s music is an homage to ambient music with strong melodies.

Hagayan recalls that Singularity was written during a time of particular turmoil in her life. Maybe that’s what lends the music a peaceful, almost still quality. Not that these songs have no movement – Hagayan has a knack for grounding her ambient stylings with carefully constructed grooves (see “Monsters In Your Head”). But, these songs feel peaceful as if frozen in time. On “Like I Remember You,” clean guitar leads dance around Hagayan’s mournful melody and industrial beats. Her writing is reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, but never sounds like a carbon copy. She’s also a master of building suspense. “When Words Been Said” takes two minutes to crash into its chorus, but each second is meant to draw you in closer.

Though Singularity is full of massive walls of sound and canyons of echo, Hagayan never lets us lose sight of the song within the layers of instruments. Her songwriting takes center stage, allowing listeners to be drawn in by the soul-baring lyrics. Come for the washy guitars. Stay for the melodies.

About Lital Hagayan

Lital Hagayan is an Israeli singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, sound and mix engineer, and producer. Her influences encompass a diverse range of genres including progressive rock, shoegaze, alternative rock, psychedelia, dream pop, and electronic.

Lital’s debut album, “Singularity,” takes its inspiration from a deep urge to heal from a dark and devastating period in her life. Her music features delicate and melodic washes of guitars and vocals with a captivating mix of both beautiful harmonies and raw emotion.

Featured image by Ohad Elimelech.