Sirens Of Lesbos have hooked up with the legend of low end himself, Bootsy Collins, for the future classic ‘8 Billion’.

This styles and genres mix, meld, mold, and muse each other in ways that shouldn’t be legal, but, with S.O.L. and Bootsy, become lucid.

Suave and smooth and everything all around, mega-music-moguls collide outside the box and come out clean with a song for the next 8 billion generations. Solid.

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About ‘8 Billion’

Sirens of Lesbos are pleased to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘8 Billion’ featuring and Grammy Award winning American psychedelic funk, soul, rock superstar Bootsy Collins from Parliament Funkadelic fame, taken from the upcoming album ‘Peace’ due later this year.

Slow, slinky and sensual, ‘8 Billion’ takes a cosmic-eye view of Spaceship Earth, the carrier of each of us living here. So who better to accompany Jasmina and Nabyla Serag, Sirens Of Lesbos’ vocalists and co-producers – alongside producers Melvyn Buss and Arci Friede, and Denise Häberli, the group’s art director – than intergalactic space cadet and international envoy of funk Bootsy Collins?

Originally written without any guest, it was Melvyn who envisioned it featuring Mr Bootzilla himself – and, unbeknownst to the rest of the band, sent an email to his management. Three weeks later it was on, Bootsy’s distinctively melliferous, mellow tones bringing Sirens Of Lesbos into a canon of collaborators that stretches from Dee-Lite to Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak.

‘8 Billion’ is the last track on Sirens Of Lesbos’ forthcoming album ‘Peace’ which features a wide-range of other guests, including platinum selling hip-hop producer Christo (J. Cole, JID, Earthgang), Erick The Architect, MC and producer with Brooklyn’s cult hip-hop crew Flatbush Zombies, Washington DC vocalist and songwriter dreamcastmoe, and British-Nigerian poet-cum-singer Joshua Idehen.

About Sirens Of Lesbos

Playing a worldbeat sound that takes in psychedelic funk, golden era AOR and hip-hop’s outer reaches, Sirens of Lesbos – producers Melvyn Buss and Arci Friede, co-producers and vocalist sisters Jasmina and Nabyla Serag and Denise Häberli, the group’s art director – combines diverse backgrounds to create a distinctive musical universe. Merging analogue warmth and depth with modern production presence, what forms the group’s bedrock is their ear for an unmistakable pop hook.

Sirens Of Lesbos fans include Gilles Peterson from Worldwide FM, Don Letts from BBC Radio 6 Music and Dan Wilcox from KCRW, but also producers like Fraser T. Smith (Kasabian, Stormzy) and artists like Erick The Architect.