Live @ Home is a new chapter in discovering music, with artists performing straight from their homes into fan’s homes around the globe. Going through Jammer Direct’s multiple streaming platforms via PC/Mac, Mobile, Tablet, Radio, and Television in true HD and Dolby Digital surround sound that reaches a worldwide audience. This concert series is brought to you as a joint venture between Jammer Direct and KES Entertainment.

With concerts, events, festivals, and concerts effectively canceled for the near future, even after things get back to somewhat normality people will be slow to get back out there. Musicians need a way to reach out with their music, Live @ Home is that game-changer that will let recording artists of all genres and levels reach out to fans along with gaining new ones.

If you are watching these performances on Jammer Direct’s official Roku Channel, you can use the QR Code embedded in the video to vote via your phone or tablet device.

These performances are also being simulcast on our flagship online radio station JammerStream One, which began at 12 Noon (U.S. Eastern) on June 27th HERE.

Link to full show HERE.

About the Artists

Sarah Jordan & Matt Von

Sarah Jordan & Matt Von

Sarah Jordan & Matt Von

Sarah Jordan and Matt Von are a brother/sister duo that shares a passion for music that seems to be part of their natural chemistry. Being a seasoned pop soulful performer, Sarah brings pure emotion, while Matthew’s vocals are storytelling, understated, and pure. Sarah and Matt are independent singer-songwriters, who made a decision in 2019 to collaborate as a duo.


DuShane Band

DuShane Band

DuShane Band

Formed in late 2012, DuShane is a culmination of southern rock and country. The band consists of vocals, electric/acoustic guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel, violin, and keyboards. Formally of the band, Law and Order (MCA Records), lead singer DuShane brought up on the Nashville/Memphis sound but also uses his New York City roots to create their “Urban Country” Americana sound.

The Band is a blend of acoustic and sonic texture that is reminiscent of classic country and southern rock and shimmers with modern studio sounds and arrangements.

Tutored by friends and former producers Joe Hardy, Mac Reinhold, and Shane Keister, The DuShane Band was able to produce and engineer and record their first independent record. DuShane’s first single “Alabama Rain” released in early January 2017 has received receiving warm reviews and gaining popularity from fans with different musical tastes, and with a release of DuShane’s first music video for “Summertime” the band hopes to gain popularity with the country and rock fans as well as appeal to a broader global audience.​

The band’s newest video, “Alabama Rain”, opens up with an anthemic intro that brings a familiarity to the song, comforting the listener as they brace for the story’s impact. The line, “Johnny turned 20’s from the poor side of town” kicks off the first verse, putting you in the main character’s shoes. DuShane completes the verse with, “One day he got married and found a way / He had a new baby boy and landed a job / without any skills had to work twice as hard, working the steel mills 14 hours a day.”

Then, tragedy strikes- the mill shut down. What’s more? There is a second child on the way. Without a job or pay to support his family, Johnny hit rock bottom. He was left with no choice but to enlist in the military to make ends meet. The video ends with Johnny coming home a hero, reuniting with his family, and the fulfillment of his promise that they would never know that “Alabama Rain.”

All in all, “Alabama Rain” is a song of hope. The Johnny character featured in the story is all too relatable for a large portion of the United States right now due to the outsourcing of jobs and the shrinking of the middle-class. The lyrics in this song can speak to the hearts of those affected by these conditions and serve as a point of inspiration. The fresh sound and undeniable relatability of this song is sure to hook country and Americana music fans, and we’re so excited to watch the DuShane band flourish with the release of this video.


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