In 2008, when Jammer Direct was still a U.S. focused entity with a social network of unsigned musicians we had a live streaming event called ‘The JamNation Single Search’ One of the event notices is still available HERE). The bands/artists were live-streamed via our old streaming video network where viewers could vote for their favorite artist to be included on our first compilation album titled ‘JamNation Volume 1’ (still available for free HERE with the player below).

Now, with the state of things being what they are, we present ‘JamNation: Live @ Home’, hashtag #liveathome, known better as “Live @ Home”. More information will be available tomorrow on Jammer Direct’s main website https://jammer.direct/.

Now “Live @ Home” will begin a new chapter as artists can perform straight from their homes through our multiple streaming platforms via PC/Mac, Mobile, Tablet, Radio, and Television in true HD and Dolby Digital surround sound.

This version is amped up beyond what the first two years brought in 2008 through 2010 and will now include the following benefits:

  • Broadcast on the Jammer Direct Website
  • Broadcast on Jammer Direct’s official Roku Channel
  • Simulcast on China’s IQIYI network
  • Simulcast on JammerStream One (JD’s official flagship radio station which includes multiple web, mobile, HD Radio, Alexa, Alexa for Auto, GM Auto Radio, Samsung+, and more.
  • Ability to send donations and tips directly to the artist’s PayPal via all of the above platforms where the artist keeps ALL OF THE MONEY.
  • Ability to vote for your favorite artist via all of the above platforms for inclusion on ‘JamNation Volume 3’ when our digital distribution platform launches this fall.
  • Verified profile with vanity URL on Jammer Direct’s upcoming artist network.
  • Various media and news exposure well beyond the Jammer Direct/Jammerzine platforms.
  • News coverage on our other original show titled ‘Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie’ (link HERE).
  • An exclusive audio based interview on Jammerzine as an exclusive (link HERE).
  • PR Services via our partnership with Al Geiner PR.

Also, our reach within the realm of television will expand as this show progresses beyond any lockdown via the launches of our JDTV television network on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Fire
  • Comcast X1 and Flex
  • PlutoTV
  • Apple TV
  • TubiTV

Apple TV is already running our first feature film titled ‘Behind The Beauty: Remixing the Chaos (link HERE) as is Amazon Prime (link HERE).

The total reach of these platforms, as well as our existing platforms, is around 1 Billion people.

We will also resurrect our official Youtube channel which we stopped using while we had an exclusivity deal with Amazon. That channel still stands at almost 4000 subscribers (link HERE)

We are doing this for the artist and I hope they can get the money through this so that they not only survive but continue to thrive. As our tagline says: The Next Level is @Home”.

For more information keep checking the official Jammer Direct website HERE.