Jammer Direct’s LIVE@HOME was a huge success with over 10 thousand viewers and listeners combined from ROKU, the online FM style radio of JammerStream ONE and Jammer Direct The combined forces of music industry veterans Jammer Direct, Al Geiner PR and KES Entertainment are changing the way musicians of all levels are reaching out to fans not only during the age of social distancing but for the future too.

Self streaming of performances on Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom can only reach so many people and you’re stuck to a small screen and the fans you have, with Jammer Direct’s LIVE@HOME streaming avenues musicians will reach the masses in a way never imagined before. Now the “local” “regional” along with the “touring” and “coffee house” open mic night performer can get the well-deserved exposure on mass, LIVE@HOME is a great tool for musicians who had that 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s hit that is still performing but not signed with the major labels who want to get out to the fans and reach new ones.

Every genre of music is welcomed and encouraged, Rock, Goth, Alt indie, Pop, RnB, Rap, Classical, Roots, Country, Americana, EDM, New Wave, DarkWave everything in between and beyond. One of the great things that have come out of the Stay At Home and Social Distancing mandates besides doing great things for the Environment is a Discovery of Music on a level that has not been seen in ages. People aren’t pigeonholing themselves into one genre or category but exploring the plethora of choices out there, old or new music the date it was put out is irrelevant as it is still enjoyed.

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About Jammer Direct

Jammer Direct started in 2007 as an online platform featuring a media-intensive user-created profile system for independent artists. Since then it has expanded into a multi-media hub with the goal of promoting the independent and unsigned artist by utilizing a multi-platform approach using a combination of video, online magazine, radio, television, and interactive in the forms of Jammer Direct, Jammerzine, and JammerStream as well as original programming.

About Al Geiner PR

Al Geiner PR has been in the music business for over 30 years starting off in 2 New Wave bands in 85-90, a trip to the UK was a chance meeting with PR legend Shirley McLean that led him into scouting talent for EMI UK worldwide until he moved into the PR field in 1992. Other music industry avenues were associate producer, A&R rep at 2 indie record labels, and DJing in various clubs around Ohio, Michigan, and Chicago. Al is known for having a colorful approach to PR which has led him to stand out in the field.

About KES Entertainment

KES Entertainment provides worldwide digital and US physical music and film distribution for record labels and artists. Our marketing and promotion team specialize in structuring tailored campaigns, assisting the artist with connecting to their fans, and creating new ones.

The commonality that brought these three together was the love and passion for music and how it to get it heard in the most effective way.

For all the details regarding Jammer Direct’s LIVE @ HOME check it out on via the link HERE.