Lovely Little Girls have just premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Shadow Of Bees’ from their upcoming album ‘Effusive Supreme‘, out August 18th via SKiN GRAFT Records.

To say the video has it’s own style would be an understatement. A darkly chaotic combination of Tim Burton and Monty Python, on acid, maybe? With an inspiration from ‘Faces of Death’, perhaps? Almost a constant ‘WTF’ moment.

But the song. This song is chaos incarnate. Théâtre à l’extrême. That continuous wonderment, shock, and awe you get while listening to this music. This is performance art captured essence for all time. Put in a time capsule. Emotion evocation via ear insertion. This is expression.

About Lovely Little Girls

Lovely Little Girls is a theatrical art-rock band from Chicago that features members of Cheer-Accident and The Flying Luttenbachers. They specialize in odd harmonies and catchy melodies served with a histrionic flair. The founding member, Gregory Jacobsen describes his artistic endeavor saying: “Lovely Little Girls has been a labor of love of mine for over twenty years and is the performance extension of my art practice. Using my paintings as an aesthetic blueprint, I work with a gaggle of amazing and warped musicians, birthing odd yet catchy music.”

Started as “a chaotic and noisy one-off performance piece inspired by Johanna Went, The Kipper Kids, Henry Darger, and “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”, Lovely Little Girls evolved over the years becoming a juggernaut of prog/punk/no-wave absurdity featuring intricate arrangements of dramatic psychodramas.

‘Effusive Supreme’, their third LP for SKiN GRAFT Records, delves into more personal and abstract territory, highlighting the utilitarian and fetishistic relationship to shoes on one track, while enthusiastically accepting ego- death’s indifferent embrace on the next. Equally informed by Magma and Dead Kennedys, Lovely Little Girls pull from a range that runs the gamut yards past the finish line – everything from Esquivel to Toto.

Featured image by Gregory Jacobsen.