Lunar Twin has released their new album titled ‘Aurora’. Featuring that feeling of being caught in another one’s mind while admiring your new surroundings, Lunar Twin deliver a set of songs with their roots exposed and their creativity constantly challenged.

Slightly retro-esque while boldly looking ahead and forging originality for the rest of the decade, ‘Aurora’ shout the #indie banner and caress that creativity that comes along with as much. Find a favorite amongst these tracks. You will again and again.

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About Aurora’

After glowing feedback surrounding the release of lead singles ‘Beyond the Sun’ and ‘Android Dreams’. Lunar Twin are releasing their new album ‘Aurora’ thru LA-based dream noir label Tropical Depression Records. This 10 track offering should appeal to fans of Mark Lanegan, Wax Tailor, Nick Cave, New Order and Massive Attack.

This is the bands third significant release following their debut ‘Night Tides’ EP[2017] via the duos own imprint and and German boutique label Emerald & Doreen Records and their ‘Ghost Moon Ritual’ album [2020] on Tropical Depression/Desert Heat

The album flows from beginning to end taking listeners on a journey through brooding electronica, cosmopolitan downtempo and Tropical Noir and ultimately to the ocean at night. Tracks like ‘Cars’, ‘Android Dreams’ and ‘Beyond The Sun’ seamlessly blend indietronica and gothic pop, while synth and dream wave are at their best on ‘Cant Stop The Rain’, ‘Traveler’ and ‘Dark, Dark, Wave’

A few years after meeting at the Denver Underground Music Festival, Bryce Boudreau and Christopher Murphy started working under the Lunar Twin moniker in 2015. They derived the name from a theory about the earth once having possibly had a twin moon.

About Lunar Twin

Based in Salt Lake City, multi Instrumentalist and producer Christopher Murphy has, in recent years, participated in several other projects that saw him share the stage with artists such as Grimes, Bonnie Prince Billy and Peaches.

Vocalist, songwriter and producer Bryce Boudreau is a Los Angeles native who currently residing in Hawaii. He has worked with numerous underground and emerging bands, most recently appearing on Italian artists Dead Mirandas ‘Anima Pod’ LP [2023]

“We live thousands of miles apart separated by the Pacific ocean and mountains ranges and deserts. These disparate places of isolation are the nexus for our songwriting”
Christopher Murphy, from his home in downtown Salt Lake City.

“Juxtaposition plays a big role in this album, the ebb and flow of the modern world colliding with an ancient one. The moods of ‘Aurora’ embody the ongoing conflicts between humans and machines, the mysteries and unknowns of the primeval world. A homage to the dream state that exists somewhere between the two.”
Bryce Boudreau, Vocalist and Songwriter from where he lives in Hawaii.