Lunar Twin has released their new video for the single titled ‘Beyond The Sun, From their new album ‘Aurora’, releasing this December.

Visually stunning (think the original ‘Akira’) with that perfect slow drive to the top, musically. Lunar Twin is a band that we here at Jammerzine have followed and longed for at different times in their career. The consistency we find in their music and the drive given to each track individually is breathtaking. Already with an original sound, Lunar Twin craft said sound in a subtle evolution that never ceases yet never rushes.

We hear dark pop infused with electronica smothered in that Lunar Twin sound.

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About Lunar Twin

Hawaii and Salt Lake duo Lunar Twin (Producer Multi-Instrumentalist) Christopher Murphy And Vocalist/Co-Producer Bryce Boudreau have slowly become known over the last few years for their signature brand of Chill/darkwave. The group debuted with the 2014 release of their Lunar Twin EP on German label Emerald and Doreen Records and in 2017 released the critically acclaimed Night Tides EP, both on the Texas cassette label Moon Sounds Records and on limited edition 10” vinyl on Los Angeles’ Lunar Twin Music, the duo’s own imprint.

Boudreau, vocalist, and songwriter and also a Los Angeles native, currently resides in Hawaii, while multi-instrumentalist/ producer Chris Murphy lives in Salt Lake City. In recent years, he has shared the stage with numerous renowned artists, such as Grimes, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Peaches, through other projects he’s involved with. Director Zoey Nguyen a Russian hill resident said ” I wanted to embody the song with visuals from my within my neighborhood and local surroundings and to include basically a collage of clips from different time periods and eras of the City. I made the video as a simple Creative Commons project and then approached the group about a possible collaboration and then filmed them performing to add to the story I had built around their song into something more.

“Collaboration with a new person is always a surprise creatively and I thought her vibrant and imaginative approach visualizing the song to be just right .. to curate this version of the story of this song “ Bryce Boudreau “Her choice of imagery really melds with the track. I’m very happy with the way the video develops and encapsulates everything we are trying to express musically” Chris Murphy.

Ghost Moon Ritual is their third release, the Duo return with a signature blend of Cosmopolitan Dream-Wave and Ambient Chill, hypnotic dirges, even venturing out into psych-folk and Desert Noir themed late-night moon music.