Malcolm Conat, known professionally as Malcolm. (the period is in the name), is a 23- year-old singer-songwriter based in Calgary, Alberta, but originally from Prince George, British Columbia. His music is best described as groove-based indie with R&B, funk, and classic rock influences. Malcolm started playing drums at just five years old and guitar at eight. He was always drawn to music as a kid, with his dad playing classic rock, soul, and old country on road trips. Having been a competitive dancer growing up, more modern genres had an influence on him as well.

He eventually found his passion for songwriting, recording, and producing alternative music and wrote some of his biggest songs to date like, “Jim & Pam”, “ADHD”, and “Leave Me Alone”. Since then, Malcolm has continued to release singles/EPs and has plenty of new music on the way. Important music influences for him include Anderson .Paak, Childish Gambino, Asher Roth, Harry Styles, Miguel, and a variety of classic rock, soul, and funk.

Alternative artist, Malcolm. is releasing his first EP since 2018, titled, I Think I’m Ok. This will be his third drop of the year, with both “Closure” and “3am” from the project already released as singles. This is a very warm and groove-based project. He uses a lot more rap influence than usual and there is also a greater focus on the drums than what has been heard in his previous releases.

SOURCE: Official Bio