Yelpy has released his new video for the track titled ‘Gravity’. Having made it’s premiere at the Dances With Films Film Festival last Friday (June 30th, link HERE), one can easily see how Yelpy has taken his music to the next level, becoming a brand. And that is a good thing. Brands are memorable. Brands are signature.

With ‘Gravity’, we get an immersive experience. A Timeless and memorable experience that lasts long after the video ends. A song that becomes the soundtrack, or maybe a video that becomes a visual companion. Each dynamic in their own right, yet together, becomes a future memory. A smile on your face that says you saw something made with love and conviction. A feeling captured and catapulted. Beauty.

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About Yelpy & ‘Gravity’

Directed by award winning director Jonathan Martin, featuring set/costume design by renowned designer Clark Schaffer (Iron Man, Batman, Star Trek) & Troy Larson (V/H/S/99, Deadstream) and with sound design by the legendary Patrick Hogan (Daredevil, The Punisher, Reservation Dogs, Cobra Kai, The Umbrella Academy) Gravity was shot in Salt Lake City, Utah with special effects work provided by Manchester, UK based Tempered Pixel Studios.

Gravity the song was written by Yelpy, TheRealJonSmith (Universal Pictures, Hayley Kiyoko, Kevin Max [dcTalk], Luna Halo) and Elyssa James, produced, mixed and mastered by TheRealJonSmith at Native South Records and preformed by Yelpy with additional vocals by special guest artist Allie McDonald.

Starring Yelpy and the beautiful & talented actress Ieva Georges (Criminal Minds, Active Shooter, Chavez Cage Of Glory) Gravity tells the story of a space trucker who floats through the empty surroundings of space, orbiting a distant planet, as his thoughts linger on a lost love, a woman inside the ship the two had crewed together. The expanse is peaceful, yet lonely when she’s not around. By either ill luck, or fate, a gash rips through space and sucks Yelpy through. Tumbling him into a massive nebula of light and color. He is lost, and his love and crew mate must do all she can to rescue him while discovering her true feelings in the process.

A video of intergalactic proportions, where saturated nebulas and wormholes collide, Gravity will leave you in awe of the wonders of the universe. A place where love always finds a way. The music video is an exciting and fitting tribute to an already beautiful and powerful song.