Tarah Who? has released their new video for the track titled ‘Sell It To The World’, from their new album ‘The Collaboration Project‘.

Suave and swagger with a touch of future-iconic, Tarah Who? never fail to disappoint. A bit darker in tinge than previous outings, there’s still that signature sound within with a power-pop-punk anthemic feel and an anarchist’s wit.

‘Sell It To The World’ is sold on arrival as a testament to those who never give up. Patience is no longer a virtue; it’s a necessity.

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About ‘Sell It To The World’

Tarah Who? has never been afraid of telling it like it is with their emotional and thought-provoking lyrics. The new single and video for, “Sell It To The World” is no different. It’s off of their album, The Collaboration Project.

Tarah Who? is Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals, guitar, backing vocals) and Coralie Herve (drums).

Tarah says, “This song is a dedication to all artists in the world who must work a day job(s), because their art doesn’t pay. It’s not about choosing a career vs. another; it’s also not about changing fields so you can live more comfortably and letting go of your passion. It’s for all the people who can relate to not being able to survive without their craft and passion.”

The music video for, “Sell It To The World” is a lyric video. Why? Because Tarah Who? wants you to focus on the simple story of any artist’s soul who aches about living of their art.

“Sell It To The World”, was written by Tarah G. Carpenter and produced by Jason Orme and Tarah G. Carpenter.