Marella has today released his new single titled ‘I Think She’s In Love With Me’. Bits of new age pop rock with a hook you’ll remember the rest of the summer, Marella makes his mark on the new indie with a track that is as underground as it is mainstream.

Taking all that into consideration, make your own interpretation and opinion of this song. While it definitely makes that impression, it also simply is. It’s musically not trying to do anything except be a good song. And, while the lyrics tell the bold tale of that love you never forget, the music is the perfect vessel to carry that message. Let the hook carry it.

About ‘I Think She’s In Love With Me’

Beyond a mere love story, “I Think She’s In Love With Me” serves as a reflection of Marella’s artistic evolution. The track’s lively surf-inspired feel evokes the joy and nostalgia of early backyard performances, resonating with a broad audience. Its lyrics paint a vivid picture of romantic bewilderment and recognition, encapsulated in the catchy chorus: “Cause she knows everything, And I ain’t got no memory, When it comes time to go I know, She always, She knows my name, She screams my name, And she doesn’t know anything, But I think she’s in love with me.”

Marella shares a personal connection to the song, revealing it was co-written with a close friend, Kian, three years prior. This collaboration, born from a spontaneous moment of musical synergy, has since evolved into a full-fledged track under the guidance of producer Max Bienert. Marella reflects on the song’s journey from a college room demo to a polished studio recording, highlighting the special place it holds in his discography and the future of his Marella project.

Daniel Marella, a rising star in the Southern California rock and roll landscape, captivates audiences with his bold and heartfelt musical style. Born and raised in the Bay Area, his journey weaves through the rigorous demands of academic life and extracurricular achievements, enriched by vivid, beer-soaked tales from his time as a Division 1 swimmer and music major at UC Santa Barbara. These experiences infuse his music with raw energy and authenticity, defining his performances that are both exuberant and meticulously crafted.

Now making his home in Los Angeles, Marella’s talents extend beyond his solo work; he brings his dynamic drumming skills to collaborations with a variety of artists. However, it’s his solo project, Marella, that resonates deeply with him, representing a truly personal and cherished endeavor. Looking ahead, Marella’s upcoming work promises to offer fans a more intimate look at his journey. It’s a narrative that mirrors their own – one of passion, dedication, and boundless creativity, painting a portrait of an artist who is not only remarkably talented but also profoundly relatable. As he likes to put it, “I think part of the appeal for my music is that I’m just a dude. I’m nothing more than just your average guy.”

About Marella

Daniel Marella is an emerging singer/songwriter within the Southern California rock and roll scene, making waves with a fearless fusion of boldness and sincerity.

Originally hailing from the Bay Area, his music weaves his experiences, blending the demanding expectations of academia and extracurricular pursuits, along with the memorable moments from his beer-soaked years as a Division 1 swimmer and music major at UC Santa Barbara. This unique combination fuels his lively and dynamic performances, characterized by their rowdy nature, yet tight and sharp execution.

Based in Los Angeles, Marella also drums for a diverse range of artists. Yet, his true passion is the Marella project, which holds a special place in his heart as a cherished and personal undertaking.