Mathis Grey
Directed By Sean Quillen
Starring Mathis Grey, Tasha Sunday, Jessica Abbott, Darrian LaDow and Mr & Mrs.Quillen.
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“Lights” lyrics

Excuse me light of day, can I borrow you tonight
I’m gonna go to a place where the cold holds right
As I walk through the rain, I see an old old house
It says won’t you come in and oh yeah bring the light…and I say
Oh I guess I can
Oh I guess I CAN
Oh I guess I can spare the light
As I step through the door, all I see is confused eyes
And then a person says to me, what’s it like to know light
I said it’s hard to explain, it’s like being born for the second time
It’s kinda like being placed in a world where there’s no wrong
And they said
Do you think you can
Do you think you CAN
Do you think you can spare some light
As we all start to sway, twist and mend in the light
I can see every face their all like….like mine
As the night turns to day and the hurt turns to joy
We all walk to a place where the light holds right
And we say
Oh yes we can
Oh yes we CAN
Oh yes we can share the light

Ba ba ba ba da ba ba ba x4

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