Mathis Grey
Mathis Grey

Mathis Grey is a Singer/Songwriter from Fort Wayne IN that is no stranger to the music world. His style is a Folk-Rock style with a little bit of soul sprinkled in. Mathis has travel all over the United States doing shows from New York to Seattle and all the awesome stops in between. Mathis Grey’s goals are to just keep climbing in the music world and entertaining people, bringing his music to the ears of the world.

Mathis Grey’s style is very unique. His vocals and his guitar playing create a definite coffee house feel allowing the audience to emerge themselves in his music in real time. His music is smooth, yet rugged – heavy , yet weightless….this is Mathis Grey.

Mathis Grey’s music has been featured on the Soap Opera “One Life To Live”.

His music has also been featured on E!News daily.

Mathis Grey’s song “Lights” made the new release/singer-songwriter top 100 iTunes chart when it came out in 2013.

His music is also in rotation at a handful of radio stations in the U.S. and a few more in the U.K. and a lot of internet radio stations.