I have to start out with this statement for this review; Mathis Grey is one of my favorite artists. Period. He is simply a master at songwriting. And his new track titled “Come Along” is simply another example in a vast repertoire of modern masterpieces that is quickly becoming a collection of lessons in how to write music.

Mathis, however, has a secret weapon in his creative arsenal that needs to be mentioned in the form of the brilliant engineer and astonishing musician known as Tim Bushong. Tim has a stellar history in the music industry in his own right and to see collaborations between he and Mathis is like watching matter and anti-matter collide. The proof is right here.

“Come Along” was just released today. Get your copy HERE.


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About Mathis Grey
Mathis Grey is a Singer/Songwriter from Fort Wayne IN that is no stranger to the music world. His style is a Folk-Rock style with a little bit of soul sprinkled in. Mathis has travel all over the United States doing shows from New York to Seattle and all the awesome stops in between. Mathis Grey’s goals are to just keep climbing in the music world and entertaining people, bringing his music to the ears of the world.

Mathis Grey’s style is very unique. His vocals and his guitar playing create a definite coffee house feel allowing the audience to emerge themselves in his music in real time. His music is smooth, yet rugged – heavy , yet weightless….this is Mathis Grey.

Mathis has played shows at:

  • “South Park Tavern” Dayton, Ohio
  • “The Barking Spider” Cleveland, Ohio
  • “Radio Bean” Burlington, Vermont
  • “Pianos”New York, NY
  • “Borjo Coffeehouse” Norfolk, Virginia
  • “Crown Station” Charlotte, North Carolina
  • “The Electric Maid” Washington, District of Columbia
  • “Mangia Qui” Harrisburg,Pennsylvania
  • “The Fire” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • “Tennessee Brew Works” Nashville, TN
  • WDVX 89.9 “Blue Plate Special” radio show. Knoxville, TN
  • “Suba Tapas Bar” Harrisburg, PA
  • “Uncommon Ground” Chicago,IL
  • “Rockwood Music Hall”New York, NY
  • “Fandana Music Festival 2013” Huntington, IN
  • “Two EE’s Winery” Huntington,IN
  • “Hard Rock Cafe Chicago” Chicago, IL
  • “National Underground” in New york, NY
  • “Alphabet Lounge”New York, NY
  • “Googies Lounge” New York, NY
  • “Pianos” New York, NY
  • “National Underground” Nashville, TN
  • “Skylark Cafe & Club” Seattle,WA
  • “Freakin Frog” Las Vegas, NV
  • “Elbo Room” Chicago, IL
  • “Opening Bell” Dallas, TX
  • “Piere’s” Fort Wayne ,IN
  • “Borders Bookstore” Fort Wayne ,IN
  • “Gusto Lounge” Lancaster, PA
  • “Firefly” Fort Wayne,IN
  • “816 Pint & Slice” Fort Wayne, IN
  • “Brewha Coffeehouse” Columbia City,IN
  • “CS3” Fort Wayne, IN
  • “Wooden Nickel Music” Fort Wayne, IN
  • “The Black Sparrow” Lafayette,IN
  • “Lazy Daze Coffeehouse” Indianapolis, IN
  • “Rachael’s Cafe” Bloomington, IN
  • “Hideaway Saloon” Louisville, KY
  • “400 Bar” Minneapolis, MN
  • “Honey Bar” Minneapolis, MN
  • “Electric Brew” Goshen, IN
  • “Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Private Party” Lebanon, TN
  • “C2G Music Hall” Fort Wayne, IN
  • “St.Regis” Warsaw, IN
  • “Union Coffeehouse” Buchanan, MI
  • “Des Moines Social Club” Des Moines, IA
  • “Highlands Cork and Coffee” Denver, CO
  • “The Coffee Pod” Provo, UT
  • “Silos” Napa, CA
  • “Molinari Caffe” Napa, CA
  • “Coffee Kaanapali”Santa Rosa, CA
  • “The Coffee Compound” Salt Lake City, UT and more