Mayflower Madame has today released their deluxe edition of the album titled ‘Prepared for a Nightmare’. As much a continuation of the aural art that was both the original and the deluxe, we get more as much as we get different. Different in the fact that we get a reinterpretation with a listen ‘down the road’, but we also get that ‘aha’ spark in our head as we come back with that fresh mind and different perspective from a different place in life and see that MM is not only still relevant, but still accessable.

Making the final choice of songs for an album is always difficult. These are the five songs that didn’t make the cut for the original version of “Prepared for a Nightmare”, not because they were weaker, but because they didn’t quite fit in. However, all of them were considered too good to remain unreleased and together they turned out to be a very suitable epilogue to the album – a dynamic set of songs conceived in a nightly tinted emotional fever. It begins with “Dive”, an 8 minute long onslaught of vehement psych-kraut-punk recorded in a live studio session, before moving into somewhat dreamier territory introduced by the shimmering tones and deep groove of lead single “Dresden”. The tension then builds up again with the pulsating post-punkish venture of “Dark Streets Unfold” and the sweeping shoegaze of “Drown (again)”. It all ends in a brooding blow-out with the aptly titled “End Times”.

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About ‘Prepared for a Nightmare (Deluxe Version)’

Mayflower Madame is a band from Oslo that specializes in a cinematic blend of post-punk, dream-pop and psych-noir. They made their debut with the LP “Observed in a Dream” in 2016 which created a buzz in the underground music press and earned them tours in both Europe and North America. Comparisons were made to bands like Bauhaus, The Cure, DIIV and The Black Angels.

Mayflower Madame’s long-awaited second LP “Prepared For A Nightmare” was launched in 2020 to excellent reviews. Through ten tracks of hypnotizing psychedelia, shimmering shoegaze and 1980s dark romanticism, the album conveyed the wintry feeling of their home country Norway – icy and gloomy, haunting and majestic. It was released by French labels Only Lovers Records and Icy Cold Records in collaboration with US label Little Cloud Records.

“Dresden” is the sound of an intoxicating city night where a chance encounter changes your life forever. Psych-wave meets dream-pop, all swathed in smoke-laden atmospherics and nocturnal romanticism.

In 2022, Mayflower Madame did several mini-tours, including shows in Paris, London, Glasgow, Prague and Warsaw, in between writing songs for their third LP which was recorded in February-March this year and is planned to be released in late 2023/early 2024.

But first, the band is now launching a Deluxe Version of their previous album “Prepared for a Nightmare” containing 5 new tracks! It will be available on all digital platforms and also included as downloads on all vinyl and CD orders of the original version from their Bandcamp page.

Featured image by Tim Harris.