1. Confusion Hill Mayflower Madame 1:00
  2. Lovesick Mayflower Madame 1:00
  3. Self-Seer Mayflower Madame 1:00
  4. Upside Down (the death loop) Mayflower Madame 1:00
  5. Weightless Mayflower Madame 1:00
  6. Into the Haze (redux) Mayflower Madame 1:00
  7. Observed in a Dream Mayflower Madame 1:00
  8. Forever - The End of Everything Mayflower Madame 1:00

Psychedelic post-apocalyptic punk with a heavy dose of groove and guts is the best way to describe the latest outing from the Norwegian band known as Mayflower Madame. Some of you may remember the track “Lovesick” from our review of “Rock Back For Nepal Volume 2”.

Well, now you get the whole package! What we have here is 8 tracks of sonic bliss fro the Scandinavian heartland that gives us a soundscape for our deepest inhibitions. Mayflower Madame has definitely raised the bar and stepped up the game of the new indie with this future masterpiece. Well done!

“Observed in a Dream” is available now via Custom made Music!

Observed in a DreamAbout Mayflower Madame
Mayflower Madame delivers driving post-punk mixed with juicy doses of dark psychedelia . Imagine a cloning Velvet Underground , Bauhaus and The Black Angels – a seductive beast that walks you through both suggestive depths and atmospheric støyeskapader in a dynamic soundscape .

The quartet has recently made his mark as an Urørt on P3 and through fiery live performances at club – island , Norwegian Wood , and as support band for Night Beats (US) and Crystal Stilts (US) . They are now current with their debut EP ” Into the Haze “.