YelloSunshineBeat is releasing the new single “Business swing” of the mysterious singer and songwriter Mrs. X. This single has been produced by Yello co-founder Carlos Perón, like her latest hit “Summer days”.

Fans are warmly invited to discover all the tracks of the single on Mrs. X´s website from 19 September onwards.

There are three different versions of the song on the single: Business swing shiny star mix, Business swing radio mix, and Business swing radio & video mix, which address music enthusiasts in general and not only pop music lovers.

Business swing radio mix was recorded with the special aim of showing Mrs. X´s jazz and soul roots. The sound is fresh, energetic and reaches thanks to Bruce Taylor Lawrence´s guitar, the sound of musical masterpiece.

As to Business swing Radio edit and Shiny Star Version, they are certain to be appreciated by dance and club lovers, as the beats are full of energy and move your heartbeat. However, it is not standardized club music as the modern and fresh sound is combined with rock components.

Carlos Perón decided to extend the single with a further title. It is a remix of the current hit “Summer Days”. This remix was produced by Cult DJ Miss Shiva (Germany) and Opus Quark (Brazil). The feedback from Mrs. X’s fans was so positive that the remix, produced following the release of “Summer Days”, will find a permanent home on the new single “Business Swing”.

Work on the song “Business Swing” began in Azerbaijan. Top producer Yashar Bakhish from Baku had worked on a previous version of “Business Swing”, which is already well known in Azerbaijan. When Carlos Perón heard the Baku version, he knew that this song had the potential to become a hit and hence produced a new powerful version suited more to European ears. However, some background sounds will remind music aficionados where it came from originally, which is what makes “Business Swing” so unique.

Mrs. X says: “The song is about two people who meet at a Business meeting and who fall in love. It is love at first sight, forever, the eternal dream of the world, but with a modern touch. The listener will surely be enchanted by it. An office version of Romeo and Juliet, Petrarca and Laura at a meeting, the idea makes life richer and more beautiful as only love counts.”

“This song is about a modern love story,” says Carlos Perón. “We would like to bring a modern fairy-tale into today’s world. It is important to let the heart speak.”

A music video is planned for the song “Business Swing”.