Murdocco has officially collaborated with Fernando Lagreca to create a a powerhouse and avant garde styled remix of Murdocco’s 2021 track (featured below).

While both versions rely on that signature percussive beat, the remix takes it further outside of the box and adds an ambiance to it that, I feel, the original avoided. This creates a wonderful diversity that, on some levels, is subtle and, on others, makes both versions light years apart. You will find a favorite in one of these or, like me, find something endearing in either.

About Murdocco & Fernando Lagreca

The stunning remix by established Producer, Dj and composer Fernando Lagreca is a journey to the stars, mastered by Manuel Scara Scaramuzzino, “Take me to the stars Remix ” is an indie-dance track. A wish upon a star, a desire for good things to come from afar, an urge to travel to another galaxy, where everything is ideal and fantastic.

Fernando goes deep into Murdocco´s creative process, inspired by her artistic paths he gets into her space mood, playing synths and transforming her airy voices, diving into a magical universe of birds and rockets dancing in a sort of science fiction indie-dance track.

Fernando Lagreca is an Uruguayan born musician and producer, based in Barcelona since the early 2000’s and with lots of tracks under his belt, lately releasing stuff on imprints of the likes of Sincopat, Chrom Recordings, Project XIII or Musica Cavernicola, just to name a few, as well as releases on his own label, Beautiful Accident. Several times charted on Beatport top100 in genres such as Melodic House, Techno or recently Indie Dance, Lagreca is also an exquisite live performer of techno and electronic music, having left his footprint in festivals like Sonar, ADE or BIME, as well as clubs and events overseas: Tanzhaus West (Frankfurt), Ritter Butzke (Berlin), Birgit und Bier (Berlin), Club NL (Amsterdam), Power Lunches (London), Laut (Barcelona), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Plastic (Belgrade), RX (Istanbul), Cinnabar (Mexico), etcetera.

Originally from Uruguay, Murdocco is a London based singer-songwriter. With her velvety and sultry voice, Murdocco’s songs allude to heart-warming stories where she transmits deep emotions, immersing you into her world. Using live instruments and electronic beats, she delivers a melodic, quirky and unique sound. 

Fernando Lagreca and Murdocco met in Barcelona in a warm summer night, since then they became acquainted with a mutual admiration and passion for music. Murdocco says: I am so happy that Fernando was enthusiastic about Remixing “Take me to the Stars”, he did a brilliant job with it, and completely transformed the track while keeping its essence.

The music video for the track will be released on the 4th March 2022, created by Robert Chandler, who directed music videos for Depeche Mode (Fragile Tension), Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, etc.

Murdocco’s original productions are a fusion of live instruments and electronica, citing influences from Bjork and The Knife. Murdocco started her career in Barcelona, Spain, with her band. In 2020, during lockdown, she decided to take a new direction going solo and exploring a different path, she found herself becoming much more experimental and free to explore other genres, now feels really excited about this collaboration.