My Name Is Ian has today released their new album titled ‘Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go’ via Bubblewrap Collective.

The album as a whole, besides forcing me to incorporate the copy/paste function to get the title on this pages, is a diversified mix of styles and beats underlying ingenious vocals culminating into a musical mix and mash for everyone and anyone. My Name Is Ian makes originality an artform. Sometimes quirky. Sometimes niche. All the time fun.

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About ‘Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go’

‘Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go Bananas Go’ is My Name is Ian’s 8th studio album. The record will be full of the trademark blend of catchy pop melodies, witty lyrics, and infectious energy. Songs about hating your life, loving your life, Norwegian families, coconut crabs, 90s television shows, feeling like a loser, not trusting the government and Peppa pig. There is something for everyone.

About My Name Is Ian

Creatures of Cardiff, My Name Is Ian have already built a back catalogue that would have taken The Stone Roses millennia to mirror. Since 2010 their output of has dealt with break-ups, breakdowns, mysterious lion paintings and characters from the Tom Hanks movie Big. This restless productivity has seen genres including but not restricted to lo-fi, bedroom punk, garage rock, prog and anti-folk, all filtered through the pop-oriented cranium of frontman Reginald Foxwell.