1. An Interview with Bettie Serveert Jammerzine Exclusive 35:02

Today’s Jammerzine Exclusive comes to us all the way from Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the form of Euro-legends of the #Indie scene Bettie Serveert! What I love about this interview is that this is a band with a clear and distinct history, coming from humble beginnings in the early 90s and carving a solid niche with their music in the major label scene while on Matador Records, and continuing the voyage with a steady stream of solid releases clear up to their upcoming release titled “Damaged Good” releasing April 22nd!

Check out their video premiere for the lead single from “Damaged Good” titled “B-Cuz” HERE.

Photo credit Sjors Schuitemaker
Photo credit Sjors Schuitemaker

About Bettie Serveert
Bettie Serveert is a four-piece comprised of Carol van Dyk (vocals and guitar), Peter Visser (guitar), Herman Bunskoeke (bass guitar) and Joppe Molenaar (drums). The first three members are all from the original band lineup.

Since starting everything with their classic ‘Palomine’ LP, the band is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year with the vinyl release of this album.

‘Damaged Good’ is one of ‘The Betties’ most diverse albums so far, including 11 tracks ranging from 60 seconds to an 8 min epos and everything in between. This album experience is intense, raw and tender, but it is also passionate and fierce.

It was recorded and mixed with Jesse Beuker, with whom Canadian-born vocalist Carol van Dyk and lead guitarist Peter Visser have worked before on their Australian project ‘Me & Stupid’, and mastered by Darius van Helfteren. This collection of 11 tracks also includes the rock duet ‘Love Sick’ with Peter te Bos, vocalist from the famous Dutch band Claw Boys Claw.

Apart from being Record Store Day, April 22 is also significant for two other reasons: this is the birthday of Betties’ vocalist Carol Van Dyk, and Bettie Serveert wrap up their touring season that evening with a final show at the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam. Schoolkids Records will also be presenting one other Record Store Day release this year – the ‘Symmetry/ Slow Drag’ 7″ from North Carolina-NYC shoegaze pioneers The Veldt.


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Featured image by Sjors Schuitemaker.