After the official pre-order date launch on September 9th, Godson is set to debut his first official single off his debut EP album ‘Chilled Coffee’. The song, ‘Higher’ will launch on September 22nd as a radio version and features its own music video below. Fans can purchase the song in advanced for just $.69 on iTunes.

‘Higher’ is an old school style 3-min hip hop track, set with some heavy classical arrangement featuring vocals by the Hollywood based artist, Godson. The single’s story speaks on the everyday lives or people and the role music plays in it. It references to Eminem’s debut “Infinite” and the underground music scene – what it means to be successful, how to get there, and how other people are going through the same struggles. In the chorus, provides words of encouragement to others to tell their own life story, and focus to a character in the song – known only as Alice as a reference to Alice in Wonderland during the following verse.

“My brother Elijah wrote and played the piano balled in the song, and co-wrote the lyrics to ‘Higher’. We wanted our collaborative song to encourage people one more time to take the knowledge and strength they’ve gained and uplift others with it, and to never give up on their dreams,” says Aaron.

The song won the California edition of Coast2Coast’s “Hottest in the State 3” Mixtape contest on the 7th of August. Shot on location in Oldtown, Pasadena and Balboa Park, Encino. In the video, viewers will see Godson waking up in the morning, going through the cities and performing the song, reflecting on the scenery around him.

One fan, Alex wrote an insightful review of the single on the site ‘Review You’ stating, “Most of the time, the hip-hop influence on Chilled Coffee asserts itself rhythmically rather than with actual rapping. But the most obvious exception to that rule is ‘Higher’, which favors a jazzy alternative rap approach and is the most overtly vocal-minded tune on the album.,” Alex goes on to say, “It is the type of rapping that prevails on “Higher,” which fits in nicely with the funky yet smooth vibe that Godson is going for on Chilled Coffee. The rapping on ‘Higher’ is not incendiary, angry or in-your-face, and that is the type of rapping one generally associates with Digable Planets, Pete Miser or the Philadelphia-based Kuf Knotz. Alternative rap fans would do well to check ‘Higher’ out.”

About the Artist(s):
Aaron Johnson, who is the face behind Godson, is a 21 year old California-native, illustrator, writer and producer who ‘loves to walk the line between the cutting edge and the nostalgic’. With no classical music training, Johnson is able to produce Jazz, Classical music, Hip Hop, and R&B music drawing from his own creative spirit. His current influences range from Quincy Jones to Rob Dougan and Nobuo Uematsu. Besides his EP, Johnson regularly collaborates with artists around the world, creating remixes of Top 40 track and even the composition for the short film ‘Friends Anyway’ by James Whitley. His album, Chilled Coffee took about nearly 2 years to make – with song mixes to be finalized this month.

Brother to Aaron, Elijah Johnson is a19-year old freelance illustrator, writer and director who lives in California. He goes by alias ‘Atlas’ and was the creative director behind the ‘Higher’ music video. To learn more about the artist, please visit: