“Nothing but the best, we’re making history tonight.”  While grinding all week, and writing music with artists from around the world.  Saturday they like to shine.  Check out what Natural Habitz had to say during their interview.

When did you start your band?
As the group is today, Natural Habitz was officially bound by contract with the current members in 2009 and have been together ever since.

Which instruments do you play?
Dutchman, Dice Roll Em, and Meda are all vocalists. Kunstruct and his team the Streetburnerz are the producers of the group and Kunstruct is also one of the vocalists.

Describe your music interests and abilities.
Our musical interests are hip-hop but with that we like to collab with artists from different genres and other countries as well. One of our main abilities is effective songwriting techniques. To be an ill emcee and have longevity as a group, you have to be able to write songs with strong concepts as well as be able to be incredibly lyrical.

What famous musicians inspire you?
Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Nas, Pharoahe Monch, Balck Thought (of the Roots), Q-Tip,Slum Villiage to name a few.  Also Classic Rock like-The Doors, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Chicago.  And Punk Bands like the Ramones and the Misfits and Music in general.

What is some of your best musical memories?
We started our career by doing mixed genre shows with punk bands; one of our fondest and scariest memories (shout out to Fox and his band for taking a chance on us) is the first time we performed in front of a Punk Rock crowd.  We didn’t know how they were going to take us, but once we started our high energy show, they loved it, and we had them moshing to hip-hop after our first song.  After that we never looked back.

DOUBLE-SALUTE to Fox and his then band Robert Paulson for believing in us and giving us that opportunity. If it wasn’t for them givin’ us that look, I don’t know if we would have gotten this far this fast.

What public events do you have coming up?
We are currently signed to a Management deal with, “PLATINUM DOOR ENTERTAINMENT,” which is headed up by some well-known and respected music industry professionals. Also, we are starting our relationship with a Booking company.  We have multiple shows being booked in the Southeast Region in Late September, November, and December. Also we are currently putting the finishing touches on several projects:

  1. Our crew (which includes us (Natural Habitz), Strata-G, Loonchie Bey, Tykoon Savy, Lil Homie Rich, AV, FloStrom Jones, and Nicky Slick) NRE – is putting out a mix-tape compilation album in 4th Quarter 2014 or 1st Quarter 2015 called, “THE GIFTED CLASS.” It will be available digitally and in FYE stores, one stops and Mom and Pops Shops via NRE/CITICO MUZIK. This will be followed up by an NRE CREW album and shows in 2015.
  2. Meda of Natural Habitz will be releasing her long awaited debut album, “Blasting Off Sector One,” also in the 4th Quarter 2014. It will be available digitally and in FYE stores, one stops and Mom and Pops Shops. She is also currently finishing up with famed French Hip-Hop Producer, KYO ITACHI called MAGNETIXX that is slated to be released in LATE 2014 or in 2015.  It will be available via Shinigamie Records.
  3. Natural Habitz will be including a link to a FREE EP inside of Meda’s Blasting Off album (TITLE TBD) as a surprise for all our fans.
  4. Also Be on the lookout for Natural habitz doing collabs with singers from all over the world!!!! #SALUTE to all the singers we work with!!!

What would you say to musicians who are just starting out?
Be creative and don’t follow what everyone else is doing.  Create your own lane and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

How do you balance your music with your family and friends?
You have to have a healthy balance of time with both to stay sane in this business lolololol. We just try to make time for both situations.

Should we be expecting anything new to be released?

  1. A NEW NATURAL HABITZ PROJECT called, “CREATURES OF THE KULTURE,” is slated to release in the 2nd QUARTER of 2015 or sooner. It will be available digitally and in FYE stores, one stops and Mom and Pops Shops via NRE/CITICO MUZIK.
  2. Natural Habitz is also working on another project overseen by their management company PLATINUM DOOR ENTERTAINMENT as well (TITLE TBD)

Where can we follow your career at?

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