Billboard Award winning songwriting contestant releases 4th studio, 19-track soulful, R&B album courtesy of SSGM Records!

U.S based R&B singer-songwriter-artist, Nichelle Colvin, has been working with William ‘Slick’ Brown and Dranell ‘Drumatik’ Brown of So Fo Real Productions on her latest album entitled ‘Evolving – RLM (Real Life Music’) which includes the single, “Touch Me Right” produced by talented American songwriter-producer Aaron Bradley AKA Aaron the Titan, released earlier this year and made it into the R&B-Hip Hop Top 50, Indie Top 50 and National 200 Charts!

Hailing from the same hometown as The Jackson 5 – Gary, Indiana, it is no surprise Nichelle is not only inspired the family of legendary pop stars, but their inspiration can be heard through her new album as well as her previous record released in 2010, “Soulfully Yours, Nichelle”. Crafting her art from a young age having joined her local choir, the album reflects on the growing education many of us experience from the hardships and joy of life and love. The album features rapper WiseGuy Pugg on lead single ‘Touch Me Right’ and ‘On the Way To My House’, and rapper DecaGon AKA – Gon on ‘Relieve her Stress’ and ‘Insecure’ which mix Nichelle’s sultry R&B vocals with a tinge of hardened street Hip Hop. The album goes from a sizzling opener slowly building up to more funk-inspired R&B without losing any of it’s Urban grit, with the earlier mentioned Aaron the Titan whos talents have been showcased on mainstream media including MTV, CBS, the NFL and NBA Finals, offering his talented expertise via a remix of ‘Silent Treatment’. Nichelle is a Billboard Songwriting Award winner and it is easy to see why! Her dynamic songwriting is reflective of the dynamic feelings we experience in life, from joy to pain, taking the listener on a journey that is understandable and relatable. The album is raw in part thanks to the heartfelt songwriting, but also down to the slick production skills of the aptly named William ‘Slick’ Brown. The fresh producing by the team involved on this album ensures Nichelle’s sizzling vocals aren’t masked away and her honest emotions and vocal range is easy to capture. Quite honestly, this is a record you can be listening walking down the street, alone in your room or in your car and you will feel ever lyric and beat, as though it is touching you there and then.

As well as being recognised for her songwriting by the Billboards, she has received national recognition when she performed a composition entitled “A Call to Courage’ with talented Soprano-Saxophonist Darron McKinney at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Candlelight Vigil held in Washington, DC and further performing the same song on Detroit News! Her first project involved her writing a song named “Picture That” which was added to a compilation entitled “Circular Soul” with every last copy selling out! This gave Nichelle her first licensing deal with UK based label Street Culture Records! Leading on from that success with her talents ever-growing, further label deals were signed and sealed with Cafedesoul Records and Taste Records in the US with publicity in the widely-acclaimed Echoes Magazine!

With an upcoming smooth Jazz album in 2015 entitled “Written Compositions”, it seems Nichelle Colvin is going from strength to strength, her talents becoming even more widely recognised – very appropriately we should say she is ‘Evolving’.

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