Dead Happy are excited to announce the release of their Debut EP, “Banana God”, on Saturday, January 31st, 2015. The debut venture will be released under Coffee Jingle Records and is currently available for pre-order on Itunes.

The band welcomes contact from reviewers or radio hosts who are interested in featuring this album.

Dead Happy EPK =  where you can preview the EP.

About Dead Happy:
Formed in early 2014, freaky disco metal band ‘Dead Happy’ have set out to create something new. Originating from Birmingham the duo aims to jolt the local metal scene. An aging scene predominantly saturated with classic metal and metalcore bands – you’ve seen it all before. Dead Happy however ignores the pomposity and seriousness of this, opting instead to bring back an important yet increasingly distant theme in metal – fun. Take a big riff, dip in a bleepy synthesiser tone, sprinkle some hectic vocals and deep-fry in a distorted melting pot set to gas mark boogie. You are required to dance, and dance you will. They always do.

Jason Oakley – Vocals/Keyboards/Programming

Jamie Hough – Guitars/Keyboards/Bass

What Are You Trying To Sell To Me?:
Our first official release ‘Banana God’ is a snapshot of what is to come. 3 Upbeat quick to the point shots of freaky disco metal set against the theme of a recently awakened Banana God, ‘Dismiss This’ – clubby. ‘Just for Me’ – German. ‘Banana Bloodbath’ – early 90’s rave. Its got it all!

We Like These Things That You Also Might Like Which Means We Can Be Friends:

  • Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Prodigy
  • NIN
  • Polysics
  • Rammstein
  • Electric Six
  • Jamie loves Tool, but that’s sort of irrelevant
  • Jason just loves

Kerrang! commenting about their sound “Something about it made me want to listen again and again… it sounds like Pendulum goes to the funfair”

As of writing this currently ranked 21st in the Reverbnation Alternative chart

Featured on a string of various radio most recently on TBFM Radio

Band for less than a year, signed to Coffee Jingle Records

Written first press release without knowingly selling our souls to Satan

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