Paul Holden has released his new video for the single titled ‘Back To The River’. Paul is an artist that you can’t help but admire. He is one of those artists that has found their sound, and delivers it brilliantly. His music is original to a solid extant. He is as much a brand as he is an artist.

I had the privilege of interviewing Paul a couple years ago about his ‘Say It To The Sun’ EP, and his rise to the top is as interesting as his music. And, with ‘Back To The River’, we get the next evolution of revolution to his music as well as his musical style.

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About Paul Holden & ‘Back To The River’

Following his 2021 project “Say It To The Sun”, Paul has returned in fully fledged style, showcasing his unique talent with something fresh, and enticing.

“Back To The River” is a dark-disco banger, exploring electro style production, whilst on the backdrop of Paul’s signature style via the anthemic chorus.

The track speaks of how we do our best thinking when gazing down on a flowing river, and this is projected through the thought provoking lyrics, and sinuous instrumentation.

This also pairs nicely with the music video, which takes you down a mysterious path of smokey intrigue, and leaves you with a big question mark at the end of “Why Now?”

Paul Holden has been an inspiration to many from overcoming his disability, and never slowing down.

Before his solo career Paul fronted band ‘The Talkabouts’, and having performed with The Pretenders, China Crisis, and The Bluetones, Paul’s solo career took off amidst covering ‘Imagine’ at Liverpool’s M&S Arena to 10,000 people as part of ‘The Number One Project’ for charity.