1. An Interview with Paul Holden Jammerzine Exclusive 22:38

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with UK artist Paul Holden. With the new release of his EP titled ‘Say It To The Sun’, Paul enters a new chapter in his musical career.

The EP, ‘Say It To The Sun’, is a perfect gateway drug for those looking for new and original music. Paul has a style that is a lucid combination or rock and pop with hints of electronica. The power, though, is the songwriting. The songs are solid. Hooks and memorable melodies throughout, each song has its own signature that everyone can pick a favorite from.

In this interview, we talk to Paul about his new EP and how he came to be in the #indie music scene.

About Paul Holden

Hailing from Liverpool, hugely gifted singer/songwriter Paul Holden is back with his new EP ’Say It To The Sun’, following the release of his video ‘Help Me Anytime You Want’.

Coming from strong roots previously fronting band ‘The Talkabouts’, and having performed with The Pretenders, China Crisis, and The Bluetones, Paul’s solo career took off amidst covering ‘Imagine’ at Liverpool’s M&S Arena to 10,000 people as part of ‘The Number One Project’ for charity.

Paul exceeds his reputation in the new single with a contemporary synth based sound, whilst sitting perfectly alongside his hauntingly beautiful melodies, and dulcet tones.

The mystique surrounding Paul’s musical journey has always been prevalent, due to the fact that he suffers from a rare muscle condition called ‘Nemaline Myopathy’ that has resulted in him being in a wheelchair.

Un-phased, Paul Holden has returned with his spellbinding new EP ‘Say It To The Sun’ which is out HERE.