PINHDAR has released their new video for the track titled ‘Little Light’ from their latest album ‘A Sparkle On The Dark Water’, dropping March 22nd.

PINHDAR prove with ‘Little Light’ that they have that certain something to remain outside of the box, creatively, while retaining their street cred for sheer creativity that crosses boundaries as much as it does medium.

The track is an immersive blend of Avant Gard and post modern with a light touch of kitsch and glitch in all the right spaces to fill voids meant for lesser creativity.

The video is a spellbinding micro-opus into the minds of music set free from the confines of limitation. Each frame is a work of art and every soundbite is musical journey.

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About ‘Little Light’

‘Little Light’ is a metaphor for a relationship in which one of the individuals feels insecure and lost, ‘fumbling in the dark,’ with their only guiding light being the support they receive from the other. Like a fish in the deepest abyss, the presence of the other provides eyes and sensitivity to prevent drifting away. Is it an expression of human solidarity or love? It matters little, as once again, the pathos skillfully generated by the expressive voice of Cecilia Miradoli and the intense synthetic music of Max Tarenzi transports the listener into an introspective universe that everyone can relate to. Electronic arpeggiators and edgy guitars tastefully blend to create dream-pop and dark-wave atmospheres.

As for ‘Humans,’ the single ‘Little Light’ is accompanied by a powerful video created by visual artist Telavaya Reynolds. In collaboration with PINHDAR and their music, the Los Angeles-based director’s work explores the relationship between humans and their environments through choreographic movement, seeking homologies between the human form, artificial objects, and patterns in the natural world. The result is an immersive and almost mystical experience.


PINHDAR is an Italian duo composed of singer Cecilia Miradoli and guitarist/producer Max Tarenzi. Born out of experiences in the rock band Nomoredolls and the organisation of the international musical festival A Night Like This, they explore the fusion of trip-hop, dark wave, and electronica with originality, influenced by the Bristol scene. Their eponymous debut EP in 2019 received praise from the British critics, with the single ‘Toy’ broadcasted on major radios like KEXP.

In 2021, they released their first album, ‘Parallel,’ with the collaboration of legendary producer Howie B, published by Fruits de Mer Records. The European tour included prestigious venues such as Stereolux in Nantes and Dr Sardonicus Psych Fest in the UK. In 2023, they completed the new album ‘A Sparkle On The Dark Water’ with producer Bruno Ellingham, a former Massive Attack and Portishead collaborator.