POESY has today unleashed her new video for the track titled ‘Multiply’. After getting over that killer electronic bass line, I was astonished by the voice that POESY possesses, or possesses her. New fan, right here. The power and angst conveyed in each signature note is something you have to hear to believe. I can’t explain it. And she fits this song and video perfectly. POESY is not an artist, she is a universe. You get placed into another world listening to her music. Video aside, this is world building. The video is a guide for those who do not get what I just said. A film-score to a soundtrack. Let this become a part of you, so you can become a part of it.


POESY is the solo project of classically trained singer, songwriter and pianist, Sarah Botelho. She was discovered after she appeared on the first season of hit Canadian music competition show, THE LAUNCH. Her incredible breakout performance propelled POESY to new heights yet unseen, landing her a major label deal with Big Machine Records and an opportunity to collaborate with esteemed composer and producer Stephan Moccio (Celine Dione, Avril Lavigne) on her debut single ‘Soldier of Love’ . This release charted in the Billboard Top 40 and was followed by a four-track long EP entitled Glass Box Confessional. Her singles “Body Language” and “Strange Little Girl” debuted in the Top 20 at Rock Radio.

Classically trained in both singing and piano from the tender age of 4, the musical world has become POESY’s playground, having had vast experience in musical theatre, numerous rock bands and even operatic singing. By pairing inspiration from her favorite novels with an air of vulnerability from her own experiences, POESY unleashes her signature siren sound, filled with big drums & bittersweet melodies. POESY has had the recent honor to write and record an original anthem for Canada Games 2022, which she will perform at the opening and closing ceremonies this summer. Her most recent project – her debut LP I Exist – was made in collaboration with UK producer Stephen Lipson (Annie Lennox, Billie Eilish) and explores themes of betrayal and the journey back to one’s truest self.

Her live show is a choir girl gone rogue – with her whimsical outfits and charming storytelling, she commands your attention and pulls you headfirst into every song.