The Jackson’s have a new star on rise! Pop newcomer Tanay Jackson recently released her latest single “Addicted”; produced by up and coming producer Ryan Lawford. Currently available on I-Tunes and Amazon Music, “Addicted” is an up-tempo/pop dance record with an infectious hip-hop fueled baseline. Quickly becoming a viral hit, “Addicted” has garnered Tanay’s her strongest musical impact to date, further solidifying her as an “artist to watch” in 2014 and 2015.

As a member of the next generation of the great Jackson family, Tanay Jackson is no stranger to the music business. Daughter of pop legend Tito Jackson of the legendary Jackson 5 and niece to late great Michael Jackson; Tanay isn’t depending on her musical pedigree for success, just her ability, talent, hard work and God as she firmly states are her keys to success. In 2013 Tanay Jackson released “Naughty Girls Needs Love”. That single proved to be a marginal overseas hit and led to a promo tour for Ms. Jackson. With Addicted, Tanay plans to build on that early success and reach the heights of her full potential.

“Being a Jackson is a gift and a curse. I have name recognition but it comes with baggage. I understand that I will be compared to my family but it must be understood that I am my own person and want to express my vision to the world uninhabited”

– Tanay Jackson

Look for Tanay Jackson to close out the year strong. Tanay will be making several media stops as well as performances. Look for Addicted to make a major impact on radio in the third quarter.