Professional musicians (and married couple) Rob & Deb Solberg have found an unusual niche market for their music. Or maybe it found them.

Rob & Deb cut their teeth performing on stage and in the recording studio for some notable artists including Michael W. Smith, Matthew West, Billy Ray Cyrus, Rebecca St. James, John Elefante (Kansas), The Nashville Praise Symphony, David Crowder and Ginny Owens. And together they make up two-thirds of the John Schlitt Trio, touring internationally with the 4-time Grammy winning Christian rock singer.

But its their own music that has recently started bringing them some real attention. Their songs, performed under the band name Dust & Daisies, are raw and honest, rising out of a past filled with brokenness, abuse, death and loss. “But thanks to the love, grace and healing power of Jesus, the story doesn’t end there!” explains guitarist Rob Solberg.

For over 4 years Rob & Deb have been leading worship for Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered 12-step program founded at Saddleback Church. As a result of their experience in this ministry they began their own recovery journeys, which in turn has led to something pretty unique.

As musicians we naturally started writing about what we were experiencing personally,” explains Rob. “And from that came these super real and honest songs. Not just lyrically, but the music itself has this sense of rawness and vulnerability. So much so that we were a little nervous to share it in a church setting at first, since its pretty different from your typical Christian music sound.

The response was as surprising as it was positive. Especially since lead singer Deb shares a lot about her own dark past during these Dust & Daisies concerts. “I am still amazed how many people come up to me after a church concert and just pour out their own stories,” says Deb. “Its such a huge connection. There is so much unspoken pain and hurt, even within the body of Christ. We’re all human, and so many of us don’t know where to go or how to begin addressing what we’re dealing with. Music has a way of breaking through the walls we all put up and leading us toward God and healing.

Despite their growing notoriety in Christian music circles, Rob & Deb have decided to eschew the typical music industry approach to success. Instead they have quietly been performing at church recovery meetings, homeless shelters and prisons. And even now, as they announce plans for a world tour that will begin in November in Norway, their focus is on helping people find recovery.

World Tour is maybe a little too grand a term for it.” laughs Rob. “Really what we’re doing is partnering with churches all over the US and overseas to use our music and our concerts as a tool. It’s a way for those churches to reach out to their own church body – and the community around them – and share the hope & healing that is found in Christ.

Deb adds, “There’s not a single church in the world that doesn’t contain people who are hurting and struggling with real issues. Not just alcohol or drugs, but also issues like fear, abandonment, sexual impurity, anger, eating disorders, and depression. The recovery process is for anyone struggling with any issue that keeps them in emotional bondage!

Dust & Daisies Hope & Healing tour officially starts November 29, 2014 in Hauge i Delane, Norway. The US leg begins in January 2015, where the tour will continue through the end of the year. You can find more information online at