Razor Braids has today released their new album titled ‘Big Wave’. A positive mix of accessible and subtly anthemic rock-pop-guitar songs interlaced with personality and originality, Razor Braids have today bared all of their songs with a build-up and anticipation of the sonic goodness that their music careers have all lead to while letting you know that there is plenty more left to come.

While the music doesn’t push it’s way through your speakers or blare out your eardrums, you’re constantly shown throughout each track that it doesn’t need to. This is, what I call, a road record. Something to travel with and just listen to for the drive. While parts are fun, some introverted, some introspective, the entirety is a journey. Sometimes a revelation, but always a road to a good listen and a better you. Some things just are. And that is a good thing.

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About Razor Braids

Consisting of all queer women, Razor Braids’ soaring harmonies and magnetic sound create a cathartic sound unlike any other. From performing at 2023 SXSW and 2023 Boston Calling opening for The National and Foo Fighters to receiving praise from Paper Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, and Vanyaland, Razor Braids are the newest head-turning phenomenon.

Big Wave contains a comforting display of eleven tracks wrapped in powerful harmonies, a dash of grunge, and sleek indie rock melodies. With previous singles “It Goes Quiet” and “Berate Me” receiving positive acclaim from Paper Magazine and Rolling Stone , the band are ready to further unravel their sonic charms. A glittery yet intense roller coaster ride through self acceptance, Big Wave marks Razor Braids’ sophomore album and explores themes of passion, joy, and confusion. A perfect fit for fans of Alanis Morissette, Mannequin Pussy, or Mazzy Star, the new album is available on streaming services on June 7.