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Seagaze Festival to take over Seattle from July 28 through 31st. While Seattle has a tradition for various psych rock-oriented festivals in the last few years, this week brings Seagaze – a festival with a slight twist. Organized by Blackpool Astronomy guitarist Jeff McCollough, Seagaze is an ambitious four-night spread that focuses on the intersection of psychedelia, shoegaze, and post-punk and psych rock.

The Seagaze Festival is an intimate event that goes against the ideas much of the larger, more commercial music festivals – with high-quality grassroots talent, involving bands from afar as well as brilliant homegrown talent. Since its creation earlier this year it has spread its belief in uniquely cozy eclectic performances that offer patrons a much more intense and beautiful experience.

From July 28th through 31st, the Seagaze Festival 2016 takes over the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery with four whole days of experimental free-wave weirdos blasting out awesome electic music. Doors at 8pm every day and performances until nearly 2am. Event sponsors include DKFM, Saint Marie Records, Sonophone Records, and APATICO. The event will be heavily covered by KEXP, among others.

Erik Blood, LSD and the search for GOD, The Asteroid #4, Spindrift, Shadowhouse, C’est La Mort, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, Daydream Machine, Tender Age, Black Nite Crash, Blackpool Astronomy, Spirit Host, Kingdom of The Holy Sun, This Blinding Light, Vibrissae, Ecstatic Cosmic Union, Charlatan, Hannah Racecar, The Young Elders, God and Vanilla, and Toxic Slime (PDX).

“Holy mother of gods… this will be AMAZING,” said Kimo Muraki, well known local musician and booker in response to an event post about the Seagaze Festival.

Advanced tickets are available through Stranger Tickets. Patrons can purchase a 4-day pass for $35, which allows them entry to all shows at the festival. If they wish to buy an advanced ticket they will be $10 presale and $12 at the door for all night except the Thursday opening night show, which will be $8 presale and $10 at the door.

VENUE ADDRESS: Lo-Fi Performance Gallery 429 Eastlake Ave East Seattle, Washington (both rooms)
AGE RESTRICTION: 21 and over only
DOORS: 8:00pm


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  • July 28: Shadowhouse, Black Nite Crash, Blackpool Astronomy, Hannah Racecar
  • July 29: Erik Blood, C’est la Mort, LSD and the Search for God, Spirit Host, Tender Age, Vibrissae, Toxic Slime, God and Vanilla
  • July 30: Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, Daydream Machine, This Blinding Light, Ecstatic Cosmic Union, Charlatan
  • July 31: Spindrift, The Asteroid #4, Kingdom of the Holy Sun, The Young Elders