95952-Wolverine_ReadyWolverine Ready Born in Chicago, raised in Mariana, Arkansas, Sherazz has been seriously and courageously pursuing a career in music since the age of 13. It was at this young age, after relocating back to Chicago, that he was introduced to Fruity Loops.

An amateur, still he worked diligently towards perfecting his craft. After completing his first works, he began to see the promise that he had as a producer. Wolverine Ready would soon after his talent as an artist. His passion for creating music grew as he gained more understanding for the power it possessed. Not only could he create music, but through his gift, he could heal and soothe the savage beast.

In 2010 Wolverine Ready moved to Columbus, Ohio with hope and the goal of new life and direction. Holding tight to his love of music, he sought out a team of fellow artists and producers. Once seeing that their dedication did not match his own, Wolverine left everyone and everything behind. The year 2015 would prove to be his year of reward, and the beginning of his success.

He had always trusted that if he believed in his own dreams and put God first, that he would not fail. Once teaming up with FaithWalk Entertainment/Starphya Publicity in 2015, the sky was now the limit. With Ow a signed artist and exclusive producer, he is destined to continue on the road to the top. Wolverine is a sure asset to the FaithWalk family and a rude awakening to the music industry.

His dedication and superb way of connecting with fellow artists will take him further than he ever could have imagined. For him, this is only the beginning. With his mindset, there is guaranteed zamore to come.

SOURCE: Official Bio