One of the most innovative artists in recent years, Iranian-born Dutch artist Sevdaliza announces her new ‘The Calling’ EP is set for a March release and shares a single from it, “Human Nature,” today. Continuing with her solar concept, this song falls on the arrival of the “Black Moon,” which only occurs every 20 years.

Along with the return track “Soul Syncable,” which dropped on the arrival of the first complete “Blue Moon” eclipse in over 150 years, both songs follow her breakout debut album ISON. It garnered mass acclaim and debuted at #1 on the iTunes Electronic charts in the US, Poland, the Netherlands and landed in the top #5 in several other regions, including France, Canada, Germany and the UK.

The new project sees Sevdaliza continue to put forth unapologetic art as an autodidactic singer, songwriter, record producer, director and composer that’s lined with her abstract and frequently minimalistic brand of music fused with breakbeat, trip-hop, grime, punk and experimental elements.

“In the process of creating electronic music, instead of using plug-ins in the context their meant for, I experiment to find and unlock new meanings and possibilities. For instance, by limiting myself in a tonal scale through live autotune, intentions of my soul voice could flow freely during this freestyled take, mostly due to the lack of vanity.”

In addition, she has taken her electrifying live show to a mass scale with her new Wanderess World Tour spanning across Europe, Asia, Australia and United States, with most dates selling out quickly – full dates below. Tickets are available now at

Her art is highly influenced by her personal history and struggles. Born in Tehran, Iran, she is the daughter of political refugees. At a young age, her home became uninhabitable and she left to make it on her own where she fought for her place in the world. She decided to risk it all and put everything aside in order to make music. While most doubted her, she taught herself every technical skill from scratch and has been pushing up against social norms ever since. She has since then quickly become globally celebrated for her artistry and has already amassed over 30 million total plays on Spotify alone.