Catacombs aka Andrew Deitch is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. Born August 3rd, 1988 in suburban Philadelphia, he started his love affair with electronic music at a very early age. He found his older brother’s Prodigy CD “Fat of the Land” in fourth grade and instantly became obsessed. Following in the footsteps of his older brother David, a drummer and guitarist in many ska bands in the 90’s, he turned his attention to learning to play the piano. After becoming bored with the conventional techniques his teacher taught, he began to play by ear. While trying to discover another form of expression, he trained in ballet and musical theater and danced throughout high school.

Finally returning to music after he discovered the goth-industrial clubs of the early 2000’s, he danced every Wednesday night at the popular Philly club NOCTURNE where he would then make his electronic music debut as Arsenal of Decay with “Ultima” utilizing clips from his favorite movie “The Fifth Element”. His affinity for ardent, uptempo grooves, combined with his teen angst, would lead him to produce “Power Top” – a hard and fast-driving narcotic club track gaining notoriety amongst the club kids in Philly.

At 26, he moved out of Philly to Jersey City to take a job in luxury retail. While in JC, in 2013, he teamed up with the post-industrial electronic music outfit Grapefruit Sound Lab. Upon linking up with them, he co-produced a remix EP of their previous release “1031”, entitled “Fruits of Sound” released in the Summer of 2014.

Returning to the studio that fall to finish the already work in progress “21st Century Man”, he was approached by label owner Craig Roseberry of Kid Recordings. Their EP entitled “Children of Man” was released in the Spring of 2015. The stand out tracks “Broken” and “Picture Perfect” featured his and maestro Robert Cotnoir’s vocals. They re-released as a remix package in the Summer of 2015, with mixes by Rich Morel, Paul Goodyear, Jeremy W and Andrew, then followed up with a full remix release “Metamix”; a remix album of songs from both “1031” and “21st Century Man” where Catacombs was born featuring a remix of “Beneath The Noise” – a female-centric, epic freestyle groove transformed into an old-school banger.

In the Summer of 2017, the group performed up and down the northeast with shows in New Jersey at pride events and Massachusetts in Provincetown culminating in a performance at NYC Pride Festival. Shortly after, their tour the group called it quits over artistic differences.

During the tour at Jersey City Pride, he would meet former club kid and label president Michael M and his artist Droze. Striking up a connection with Droze and Michael, he offered to remix Droze’s single “No Time” creating the Catacombs Old School String Mix.

Feeling a renewed sense of passion after the unfortunate ending of his former band, Andrew and Michael got to work on something that was entirely his own. The “Catacombs Sound” is simple yet complex. Taking notes from electronic acts of the early 80’s and 90’s to the pop music of today, he aims to transcend genres and bring substance back to the dance floor.

SOURCE: Official Bio