The band formerly known as Astral Tide has changed tides, in more ways than one. Now officially known as OS NU, the band has also updated their sound with a darker, richer feel and with a more dynamic take on the beat and the gaze. While sparser in places, with an almost devilish bass line carrying almost the entire song at just the right spots.

The track, titled ‘Humdrum’, while taking a nod from the post-modern era of the early to mid-80s (think MTV’s 120 Minutes), also has a solid base of originality, which is the mark of a true #indie band with staying power. I suggest listening to this a few times when you first get a hold of the track, because, between the lines, there is a lot going on. The guitar, while not following the bass line per se, takes the high road throughout the song by creating its own melodies and gives the vocals a nice middle ground in which to give true expression.

Welcome to the next soundtrack of your life.

‘Humdrum’ is set to release March 16th.

About OS NU
OS NU is a British/Danish electronic post-punk project based in Berlin, originally formed in 2014 under the name Astral Tide. In February 2018 they changed their name to OS NU after a decision to set up a modest studio in their rehearsal room and self produce their output in more of an electronic style, one that could be described as “drum & gaze”.

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This shift was first alluded to and experimented with by the final release from Astral Tide, (a cover of Wire’s “In Manchester” for TBTCI Records). OS NU are now marking this change with the release of the first single “Humdrum”, out on March 16.

SOURCE: Official Release